This was a first time occurrence in the world of football

Recently, something interesting happened in the world of football. For the very first time, a white card was shown in the game. This happened during a women’s football match between the Portuguese clubs Benfica and Lisbon. The referee Catarina Campos showed the white card to the medical teams of both the clubs in appreciation as they sprinted to help a fan who fainted in Benfica’s half.

What is it?

A white card is shown for acknowledging a good sportsmanship and fair play. The white card is expected to promote fair play amongst the player by rewarding of such activities during the play by a show of white card. Also, the card was introduced by the Portuguese federation in an attempt to promote fair play and ethical sportsmanship.

The white card is an alternative to yellow and red card. It could be a great initiative to reduce the tensions in any game. Football federation all around the globe are focusing more on this issue in the recent years with FIFA also bringing in new rules regarding fair play and medical support to players on the pitch.

What’s more for the White Card?

As of now, not much is known for the use and introduction of White Card. Most of the information regarding the use and effect of the white card is still yet to be released. Also, Portugal became the first nation to introduce and use the card. They also used it in their initiative to improve the sportsmanship and ethical behaviour of the player.

It is reported that the card would be used to warn off players in case of unfair behaviour like unsportsmanlike behaviour against officials. Portuguese football federation as mentioned earlier expects to improve the spirit of the game. It is expected that once the rules and regulation of the white card are clearly known, it would be used widely.

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