These clubs have frittered away the grandest amounts of sum, in compensating their players.

In the past decade or so, football a taken a broad shift into becoming a sport which is heavily influenced by money. Big businessmen and capitalists are usually seen taking charge of clubs and spending away a fanatical tariff in trying to bring in the best players in the world to their clubs. This procurement of World Class individuals is further followed by a lavish wage bill being imposed on the club by these players.

This is exactly what we can see these days in football. Clubs like PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea, which are owned by opulent and profuse people, often splash out their riches, in their quest to make their team the best. But what follows, is a baffling wage bill begins incurred on these teams, because of the expensive contracts these players have.

Today, we take a look at 10 such clubs, that have the highest wage bill in the 2022-23 season.

10. Atletico Madrid – €265 million

Atletico Madrid is one club, that has seen massive success in the past decade or so. The Rojiblancos have made their dominance posed all around Europe. They have reached the Champions League Final twice in the past 10 years, and have also won three Europa League titles since 2010.

Atletico’s steady rise into becoming a European giant, also meant that the club increased its expenses. It became the club that wasn’t shy of spending money in order to make its team stronger and stronger.

At present, Atletico have prolific players such as Antoine Griezman, Rodrigo De Paul, Jan Oblak and Alvaro Morata to name a few. In trying to keep their team’s standards at par with some of the best clubs, Atletico spends dearly, and have thus made its way into the top 10.

9. Bayern Munich – €324 million

To be frank, Bayern’s presence in the top 10 was somewhat predicted by many. But them coming at the 9th spot, is something that would make a lot of minds wonder. Given the Bavarians’ immaculate dominance in their league and in Europe, and also the world-class players it owns.

Being on such a low mark on the table, despite possessing some of Europe’s finest players like Sadio Mane, Manuel Neuer, Jamal Musiala and Thomas Muller, speaks volumes about how well the club’s management is, and just how good the club is being run.

8. Juventus – €336 million

Seeing Juventus on this list will make our minds wonder once again. Though this time not due to captivation, but rather because of astonishment. Juventus’ high wage bill, doesn’t do one bit of justice to the club’s performance. Also the horror show it has been putting on this season.

Juventus have been deducted 15 points in Serie A due to “financial irregularities” and “false accounting”. They are also out of European football for the season.

Among the club’s top earners, come Vlahovic, Bonucci and Szczesny.

7. Chelsea – €403 million

The London Blues, are one of those teams who have been caught by the transmitting disease of wild spending and have recently become a club that spends lavishly on bringing in top talents from around the globe.

Chelsea, have spent over half a billion dollars this season on transfers alone. They have incurred a graceful wage bill upon themselves. A € 403 million is how much the Blues are paying this season in the form of wages. Their top three highest-earning players, constitute Sterling, Koulibaly and Kante.

6. Manchester City – €418 million

Rather than the first name that comes to our mind when talking about the teams with the highest wage bill, City are a club that have very well made a name for itself as one of the biggest money spenders in Europe over the past decade.

City have made some wild signings over the past few years and are definitely a club that houses some big European names. This has led the club to spend heavily on their wages. The Cityzens have spent a total of € 418 million in their wages this season. De Bruyne and Haaland take up the tog earning players’ spots.

5. Liverpool – €434 million

Liverpool, make it to the top five courtesy of the lavish contracts it has offered its players over the past few years. Some of the World’s finest, like Salah and Van Djik, have been made to stay at the club with the aid of a €350,000 and €220,000 wage per week.

Other world-class players like Firmino, Trent, Darwin and Allison, are also served large sums for their service. All of which, leads to the accumulation of this hefty total.

4. Manchester United – €454 million

Under the ownership of the Glazers, Manchester United have become a notoriously high-spending club. It has spent the highest amount by any club on player transfers over the last decade.

This season being no different, United are the club with the highest wage bill in England and have offered their players feisty sums in trying to get the best out of them. Among the highest-earning players, come to De Gea, Sancho, Varane and Casemiro.

3. FC Barcelona – €466 million

The Blaugrana, have brought in a number of players in the past few seasons, and have also offered big-money contracts to some of its brightest talents, and it’s no surprise that they are among the top three clubs in this list.

Barcelona’s wage bill largely comprises their quality signings in the past few years, such as De Jong, Lewandowski, Kounde and Rapinha. Among the club’s highest earners, are De Jong and Busquets, who both earn around €300,000 more than any other player in the club every week.

2. Real Madrid FC – €519 million

14 times Champions League winner Real Madrid, is arguably the most successful club in the history of football. Along with its rich legacy, Madrid is also one of the most well-run clubs in the world and has strong financial roots. The Los Blancos have some of the biggest names in world football donning their shirt, as a result of which the club wrecks a fair sum in wages.

In 2022-23, Madrid’s wage bill rose to 519 million euros. Their highest-earning player is Eden Hazard, who is sidelined almost all the time due to his various injuries. Other players earning a fortune, include Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, David Alaba and Luka Modric, all of whom earn more than €400,000 per week.

1. Paris Saint-Germain – €728 million

Paris Saint-Germain have gone absolutely mental with their wage bill this season. The Parc Des Princes is home to three of the most expensive and renounced players in European Football, namely Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. In the wages of these three players alone, the club spends over 3.5 million Euros every week.

Other high earners at the club include Ramos, Verrati, Kimpembe and Donnaruma, all of whom are paid handsomely for their services. These shocking wages for such world-class players make Paris Saint Germain the club with the highest wage bill in 2022-23.

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