Barcelona set to play their last game at Camp Nou untill 2024-25 season

Rajarshi ShuklaRajarshi Shukla

May 28 2023
Barcelona Camp Nou

LaLiga champions will play at a different stadium next season

Prior to their interim shift to another legendary stadium, Barcelona are preparing for their last match ever in the Camp Nou in its current configuration until the 2024-23 season.

The renowned stadium won’t be available for Barca to play in the next season as part of a significant renovation. More VIP seats will be added as part of the £782 million renovation, bringing the total number of seats to a whopping 105,000. A record attendance of 91,648 spectators has been recorded at this ground. This record was created in Barcelona’s Women’s match against the Wolfsburg Women in the Champions League.

The city’s Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium, which held the athletics competition at the 1992 Olympic Games and served as Espanyol’s former home until they transferred to another stadium, will serve as the club’s permanent field for the next campaign.

The provisional stadium’s capacity is substantially lower at 55,000, which will disappoint thousands of El Clasico and important European evening attendees. Barca does intend on coming back to the Nou Camp upon completion for the 2024–25 season, but with a 50% lower capacity, even if the renovation won’t be entirely finished until the 2026–27 campaign.

On Sunday, Mallorca will play the La Liga winners, and there will be a goodbye celebration at the Nou Camp. All supporters are asked to wear the team’s emblematic colours since an emotional mosaic is planned before the game.

The players will don a unique jersey that says “Ple d’historia” in the meantime. Ple de futur’ (Full of history, full of future), the period from 1957 to 2023, a picture of the stadium, and the phrase “Full of the past, full of future.”

There are also major preparations for the post-game festivities, which will include a traditional sardana dance performed by regional dance groups around the central circle to a unique rendition of the Barcelona song.

Then, as a representation of the stadium being passed on from one generation to the next, two of the newest members will receive presents from one of the longest-serving members and an affiliate of the Barca Senate.

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