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Indian girls should follow legends like Bala Devi, Bembem Devi, says Western United boss Mark Torcaso

Published at :July 4, 2023 at 6:45 PM
Modified at :July 4, 2023 at 6:45 PM
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Aishwarya Chakraborty

Mark Torcaso draws his views on Women's Football in India.

The second edition of the Women In Sports Elite Football Trials was held at the National Center of Excellence, New Town, Kolkata, from 30th June to 4th July. Soumya Guguloth and Jyoti Chauhan were scouted from the maiden WINS Elite Camp in 2022 and secured contracts at top-level European Clubs while Bala Devi & Panthoi Chanu had foreign stints in Spain.

After an overwhelming response from foreign coaches and applauding success at last year's Elite Camp, Women In Sports conducted the second Edition of the football coaching clinic to boost the confidence of future generations of young female sports persons.

Mark Torcaso, the Head Coach of the Australian A-League Women's team Western United Football Club has guided Calder United to lift their Victoria NPL Women Championship and Victoria Women's State Knockout Cup in 2022. During his presence in India for the trials, the Western United boss spoke exclusively to Khel Now. Here's how the conversation went.

India has a lot of Footballing Talents

Girls from different parts of India are coming out with their glaring footballing skills and eyes full of dreams to be successful footballers like Bembem Devi, Bala Devi and Aditi Chauhan. Mark Torcaso shared his thoughts about the development of Women's Football in India, "There are a lot of very potential and skillful girl talents in India. To bring them under the spotlight, a solid organization and infrastructure are required to give them the opportunity to unleash their talent to the world."

The coach elaborated more on this topic, "With the support of proper infrastructure to take out the talented footballers from different parts across the country, will help India in getting more excellent footballing talents who undoubtedly will make their country proud."

Appointing more Coaching Staff for the Girls

Most women footballers come from poor families and they're unable to get the proper nutrition and other equipments to achieve the fitness to play football at a professional level.

Women In Sports Elite Football Trials
A glimpse from the trials. (Courtesy: Women In Sports)

Keeping in mind the crucial points of the body structure, menstruation, and other fitness factors, the tactician shed light, "A lot of financial support is required for providing them the proper nutrition and to maintain their fitness. Proper experts are needed to provide them proper diet and ideology. Also, there is a lack of supporting staff who can understand the problems and obstacles that stops them in fulfilling their dream as footballers."

According to the coach, the staff members can work as the medium between the coaches and the footballers and work things to fulfill their dreams.

Advices to youngsters

There are many Indian women footballers from whom the girls can take inspiration to be the best in the country. The girls take inspiration from Aditi Chauhan, the first-ever Indian Woman to ply her trade in Europe, and Bala Devi, the first-ever Indian Woman to score in a professional football league in Europe.

The coach praised the notable achievements of the Indian women footballers and suggested, "The girls should follow their Legends like Bala Devi, Bembem Devi and take inspiration to go after their footballing dreams and learn from their experiences. The footballer should watch and learn different footballing skills and understand tactics from worldwide women footballers - on Facebook, Instagram, and social media platforms. That will surely help them to learn something new."

India is a tropical rainy climate zone and most of the time the region experiences scorching heat and high temperatures. The tactician considers this an important factor and depicts his views on it, "The climate conditions in India can be a shortfall but it also has some advantages too! Playing in different weather conditions makes them competent and prepared to play football under any natural circumstances."