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Top five goalkeepers to watch out for in 2023-24 season

Published at :August 4, 2023 at 5:52 PM
Modified at :January 13, 2024 at 4:57 PM
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Rohit Sarkar

A fresh sense of anticipation and excitement fills the air ahead of the new campaign

As we prepare for the upcoming 2023-24 football season, a fresh sense of anticipation and excitement fills the air. Speculations, transfers, and pre-season preparations are in full swing, with each club hoping to outdo their performance from the previous year. In this lively atmosphere, one cannot overlook the instrumental role of goalkeepers, the sentinels guarding the net, whose presence can make or break a game.

They are the last line of defence and often the first point of attack. This season, we turn our focus towards five goalkeepers, each hailing from different clubs and leagues. These are Alexander Nubel from VfB Stuttgart, Philipp Köhn from AS Monaco, Guglielmo Vicario from Tottenham, Andre Onana from Manchester United, and Thibaut Courtois from Real Madrid. Their unique skills, nerve, and game-changing saves will surely make them the ones to watch this season.

Here are the top five goalkeepers to watch out for in the 2023-24 season:

Alexander Nubel (VFB Stuttgart)

Alexander Nubel, the number one at VfB Stuttgart, has made a significant impact since his move from Bayern Munich. With lightning-quick reflexes and a commanding presence, Nubel has earned his spot as one of the Bundesliga’s best. He has shown maturity beyond his years, handling pressure situations with grace. His noteworthy shot-stopping ability and distribution skills set him apart. Stuttgart fans can look forward to seeing him guard their posts with an iron grip this season.

Philipp Köhn (AS Monaco)

Over in France, Philipp Köhn at AS Monaco is proving his worth as a reliable shot-stopper. The Swiss keeper is known for his impressive athleticism and sharp reflexes. His safe pair of hands and ability to deal with crosses effectively add solidity to Monaco’s defence. Köhn’s composure in handling one-on-one situations is particularly commendable. His rise in Ligue 1 continues to impress, making him one to keep an eye on.

Guglielmo Vicario ( Tottenham Hotspur )

Next up, we have Guglielmo Vicario of Tottenham Hotspur. Vicario, a relatively new addition to the Premier League, has proven himself to be an exceptional talent. His agility and ability to make crucial saves have quickly won over Spurs fans. Despite his youth, his composure on the field is admirable. The Premier League’s fast-paced nature suits Vicario’s style of play, suggesting a promising season ahead for the Italian goalkeeper.

Andre Onana ( Manchester United )

Manchester United‘s new signing, Andre Onana, is a name that rings with resonance in the world of football. Known for his exceptional distribution skills and reflexes, Onana adds a new dimension to the Red Devils’ squad. His shot-stopping ability, combined with his command in the box, creates a sense of security in United’s defence. Onana’s experience at the highest level with Ajax will be a key asset for Manchester United in the coming season.

Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)

Thibaut Courtois
Thibaut Courtois’ experience and leadership will be instrumental for Real Madrid as they vie for the LaLiga title

Lastly, we look towards the seasoned Thibaut Courtois from Real Madrid. Known for his height and reach, Courtois remains one of the best goalkeepers in the world. His shot-stopping skills, coupled with his ability to read the game, make him a formidable presence between the posts. Courtois’ experience and leadership will be instrumental for Real Madrid as they vie for the LaLiga title.

The upcoming 2023-24 season promises to be an exciting showcase of goalkeeping talent. From Nubel’s shot-stopping prowess in Germany to Courtois’s commanding presence in Spain, these keepers are set to light up their respective leagues. Whether they’re making breathtaking saves, marshalling the defence, or launching attacks, they’ll have a vital role to play. So, as we gear up for the new season, these five goalkeepers are definitely the ones to watch. Their performances could well be the difference between success and failure for their teams in what promises to be an enthralling season.

In my opinion, though all five are outstanding in their roles, Andre Onana of Manchester United is the one to watch closely. His blend of experience, shot-stopping ability, and command of the box set him apart. His move to the Premier League will undoubtedly put these skills to the test, but Onana seems equipped to handle the challenge. His unique skill set and the experience he brings from his time at Ajax could potentially elevate Manchester United’s game, making them a force to reckon with.

His addition to the United squad will not only bolster their defense but also offer them a strong base to build attacks from. Onana’s ability to distribute the ball accurately is a significant strength and can be a game-changer in creating swift counter-attacks. The new season may be the platform for Onana to etch his name amongst the goalkeeping greats.

But as in football, anything can happen. Every goalkeeper on this list has the talent and potential to surprise us, to exceed expectations, and to emerge as the season’s standout. And that’s the beauty of the game we love. As we sit on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the thrill and drama the new season holds, we can only speculate and anticipate the extraordinary performances these goalkeepers are sure to deliver.

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