Scouting Report: Who is Sreenidi Deccan’s young prospect R Lalbiakliana?

Gourav SamalGourav Samal

November 15 2023
Scouting Report: Sreenidi Deccan R Lalbiakliana

R Lalbiakliana is currently under three-year contract with Sreenidi Deccan

The I-League has been a significant contributor to Indian football, producing an array of players whose contributions to the nation have served as a testament to the abundance of budding talents. Each year, we witness the emergence of new talents who captivate sports enthusiasts with their exceptional performances.

This year, a name that has garnered early attention within the football fraternity is R Lalbiakliana of Sreenidi Deccan. In this article, we will delve into the player’s profile and explore his future potential.

Scouting Report

Name: R Lalbiakliana

Age: 19

Date of Birth: July 2, 2004

Place of Birth: Mizoram

Position: Midfielder

Current Club: Sreenidi Deccan

Career and Performances

Before being signed by Sreenidi on August 4, 2023, R Lalbiakliana previously played for Sudeva Delhi FC. He is currently under a three-year contract with Sreenidi Deccan.

The 19-year-old player marked his debut in the I-league on October 29th against NEROCA. During the second half of the game, the young athlete was substituted to make his debut. He exhibited commendable performance by successfully scoring a goal in the 90+5th minute, contributing to their comprehensive 4-0 victory.

Even in the second match, Lalbiakliana entered the field in the same approach, entering as a substitute in the second half and successfully scored a goal in the 85th minute against the I-League debutant Inter Kashi.

R Lalbiakliana’s Playing Style

The midfielder’s ability to influence the game is not solely determined by his speed compared to his teammates. While he may not be the fastest player on the field, he compensates with his brilliant dribbling skills, which pose a significant threat to the opposition.

With his ingenuity on the ball, he consistently endeavors to penetrate the opposing defense, aiming to create opportunities for his team. By utilizing his clever footwork and tactical awareness, he artfully navigates through the defensive line, leaving defenders in his wake. His intelligent dribbling allows him to demoralize opponents and open up spaces for his teammates to exploit.

His unique combination of attributes makes him a valuable asset to his team’s attack, as he constantly disrupts the opposition’s defensive structure and keeps them guessing. The midfielder’s ability to not only challenge the defense but also create scoring chances demonstrates his vital role in the team’s overall strategy.

Future Potential

R Lalbiakliana yearns for the guidance and support of his coach to unlock his true potential and ascend to greater heights in his chosen field. With dreams of representing his nation at the international level, he must understand that his current abilities require further nurturing and honing.

Through a combination of personalized training sessions, constructive feedback and strategic guidance, Lalbiakliana’s areas for improvement can be developed. And by focusing on specific aspects such as technique, tactics, physical fitness and mental preparation, his abilities can be enhanced to get him closer to his goals of becoming a recognized talent at the international stage.

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