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Ivan Vukomanovic: Our focus is on instilling winning mentality for future games

Published at :December 04, 2023 at 12:36 PM
Modified at :January 14, 2024 at 12:12 AM
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Alen Philip Mathew

Ivan Vukomanovic was disappointed with the loss but satisfied about the overall progress.

FC Goa secured a 1-0 win over Kerala Blasters in a closely contested battle at the Fatorda Stadium, courtesy of Rowllin Borges’ strike just before half time. Following the intense clash, Ivan Vukomanović, the head coach of Kerala Blasters, shared his insights into the team’s performance against a seasoned FC Goa side. Despite falling short with a 1-0 loss, the coach remained pragmatic in his assessment.

Kerala Blasters’ performance and challenges faced

“Facing a seasoned team like Goa, we expected a gritty game. Our inexperience showed, especially in the second half. Despite creating chances, an equalizer eluded us. We’re disappointed but satisfied with our overall progress despite the loss,” Vukomanović highlighted the anticipated intensity of the match, recognizing the tough challenge posed by Goa, historically known for close encounters.

Acknowledging Kerala Blasters’ youth and lack of experience in crucial moments, Vukomanović noted the disappointment in conceding just before half time. Despite their efforts and promising moments, an equalizer remained elusive.

Insights from the match and lessons learned

“Facing FC Goa poses its own challenges. Historical stats highlight the importance of conceding fewer goals. Adaptation is key, and we aim to navigate challenges posed by our schedule,” the coach emphasized the uniqueness of each game and the importance of adaptation, especially against experienced teams like Goa. He underlined the pragmatic approach of conceding fewer goals, focusing on adaptability in the evolving landscape of the ISL.

Sachin Suresh’s performance and young talent

Ivan Vukomanović praised goalkeeper Sachin Suresh’s growth and acknowledged the young talents’ development within the team, foreseeing their significance for the club and potentially for the national team. He expressed, “Sachin Suresh’s growth is part of our process. Mistakes are acknowledged, but these players will be vital assets in the future.”

Looking ahead and focusing on future matches

“Facing a strong, experienced team like Goa poses difficulties. Our focus is on instilling a winning mentality for future games, recognizing the challenges ahead,” the boss highlighted.

With an eye on upcoming fixtures in December, Vukomanović emphasized the absence of easy games and the need for a winning mentality, whether playing at home or away. He concluded by stressing about the challenges posed by strong opponents and the team’s determination to navigate these hurdles.

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