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Sandesh Jhingan apologizes for past remarks about Kerala Blasters

Published at :January 6, 2024 at 12:06 AM
Modified at :January 13, 2024 at 11:29 AM
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Alen Philip Mathew

Jhingan left Kerala Blasters in 2020.

FC Goa defender Sandesh Jhingan recently revisited a contentious episode from his past, seeking reconciliation and expressing regret over a comment that had stirred uproar among Kerala Blasters fans.

In a recent interview with the Indian Super League, Sandesh Jhingan acknowledging a past mistake and expressing remorse for his earlier words. His statement reverberates with a mixture of regret, understanding, and a genuine attempt to reconcile with the fans he inadvertently hurt.

The Fallout and Unforgettable Discontent

The incident traces back to Jhingan’s time as a defender for ATK Mohun Bagan when a video released by the club showcased him using derogatory language, stating he had “played a match with women.” The insensitive comment aimed at his opponents stirred significant backlash from Kerala Blasters fans, with emotions running high after his departure from the club in 2020.

The Controversy Resurfaces

The fallout from his words lingered, causing discontent among devoted Kerala Blasters supporters, notably Manjappada and the Yellow Army. Despite attempts to address the issue through apologies on social media, the incident remained a sore point, fueling disappointment among the fan base.

However, Jhingan’s recent acknowledgment of his mistake during the interview serves as a testament to his willingness to address and rectify the hurt caused.

“Every time I step into that stadium (Kochi), I feel the love. But now, Of course, things have changed, but personally, I still like the city and state. My mom loves Kerala. However, I understand that whatever has happened is my fault. I shouldn’t have said those words.” Jhingan admitted, acknowledging the impact of his actions.

“After all, I can live my life; I’ve accepted my mistake. I’m not a god or a priest, just a human being like all of you.” His heartfelt apology attempts to bridge the divide, acknowledging the love he continues to feel for the city and the state, despite the adversities.

A Glimmer of Acceptance

While forgiveness may take time, Jhingan’s statement has sparked some positive responses, with certain sections of the fan base expressing a readiness to embrace his genuine reflection and kindness. This recent development hints at a gradual process of healing and potential reconciliation between the player and the passionate Kerala Blasters supporters.

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