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Top 10 best left-wingers in world football in 2023: Ranked

Published at :December 25, 2023 at 3:33 PM
Modified at :December 27, 2023 at 5:59 PM
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Ritvik Verma

This list of elite players have been crafting brilliance from the left flank in 2023.

The skill and energy of left-wingers are evident in the thrilling game of football, as they create excitement on the play by skilfully manoeuvring the flank. As 2023 progresses, the sports world is treated to a number of extraordinary skill, with each left-winger being a master in their own right. From spectacular runs to accurate crosses, their grasp of the game is unmatched, captivating spectators everywhere.

Join us as we examine the talents, contributions, and effect of these exceptional players, analysing how they have shaped the left sides in the dynamic game of football. Here are the top 10 best left-wingers in world football in 2023:

10. Kaoru Mitoma

Mitoma has done an incredible job of adapting to Brighton’s style of play. He is a continual threat on the wing thanks to his lightning-fast speed and technical finesse. In addition to becoming a fan favourite, Mitoma’s ability to dribble past defenders and generate scoring opportunities puts him as a crucial part of Brighton’s attacking tactics. The young star’s future seems bright as he continues to exhibit his skills in the Premier League thanks to his mobility and eye for goal.

9. Gabriel Martinelli

Gabriel Martinelli  Arsenal
Gabriel Martinelli is a key ingredient of Mikel Aarteta’s Arsenal

Martinelli’s influence at Arsenal goes beyond only his abilities. He can be effective in a variety of attacking roles thanks to his versatility, which combines quickness and a clinical finishing touch. Martinelli is a constant annoyance for defenders because of his work rate and off-the-ball movement. He not only scores goals but also makes vital defensive interventions. His versatility and maturity on the pitch indicates a player who will play a big part in Arsenal’s success in the future.

8. Jack Grealish

Grealish fitted in perfectly with Manchester City‘s starting eleven. His excellent dribbling powers and imaginative vision give City’s offensive style a new dimension. Because of his flare and ability to control the pace of the game, Grealish breaks down defences and opens doors for his teammates. He was essential to City’s pursuit of both domestic and European success in 2023 winning the Quintuple. Due to his versatility in attacking areas and his willingness to take on defenders, he was Pep’s first choice always.

7. Rafael Leao

Rafael Leão
Rafael Leao was a key part of AC Milan’s run to the Champions League semi-final in the 2022-23 season

Leao is a vital part of AC Milan’s attacking setup because of his rapid acceleration and goal-scoring capabilities. Defences are unsettled by his acceleration and ball handling expertise, which opens up space and opportunities for goals. Leao’s ability to play all forward positions gives AC Milan an attacking threat and shows that he has what it takes to become a premier forward. Leao continues to be a key player in AC Milan’s quest for success in Serie A and beyond as he works to improve his finishing and decision-making.

6. Leroy Sane

Sane’s transfer to Bayern Munich enhanced his standing as a winger with the ability to turn a game around. His swiftness, dribbling, and deadly left foot give Bayern‘s attacks a cutting edge. Sane’s technical skill is demonstrated by his ability to generate opportunities, whether it is by taking on defenders or placing accurate crosses to his CF Kane. His ability to score goals and his grasp of the game make him a formidable force for Bayern, affecting games with his inventiveness and goal-scoring brilliance.

5. Heung-Min Son

The Tottenham captain Son Heung-Min is a constant threat for oppositions because of his playing style &  precision finishing. He presents a continual threat to opposing defences with his clever off-ball movement and knack for taking advantage of defensive openings. Son has shown to be a vital component of Tottenham’s attacking tactics, as evidenced by his goals and assists in setting up opportunities for teammates. His tactical awareness on the pitch and ability to adjust to various attacking positions highlight his importance to the club.

4. Phil Foden

Phil Foden Manchester City Premier League
Phil Foden won the treble with Manchester City in the 2022-23 season

The impact Foden has at Manchester City is not limited by his age. He is a key component in City’s offensive game plan due to his adaptability to different attacking situations. Foden creates scoring opportunities with his superb dribbling skills and his smart decision-making in confined spaces. His ability to remain composed under pressure and his knack for a game-winning pass are key components of City’s flowing attacking approach. He is surely one of the best left-wingers this year. Due to his great game, Manchester City have reached to new highs in world football.

3. Marcus Rashford

Rashford provides Manchester United with a versatile threat thanks to his skill set and flexibility. His ability to dribble & finish clinically make him a continuous threat to opposing defences. Rashford gives United’s attacking tactics more depth with his movement off the ball and his decision-making in the last third. Even though Manchester United has not been at par this year but Rashford has always been an essential member of United’s team in both home and European games.

2. Vinicius Jr.

most expensive teenagers
Vinicius Jr’s value to Real Madrid‘s attacking armoury has been super high in recent years

Vinicius Jr’s development as a dynamic left-winger is best demonstrated by his rise to prominence at Real Madrid. His direct style of play, fast feet and quickness make him a constant threat in the last third of the game against any team. Vinicius Jr’s value to Real Madrid‘s attacking armoury has been super high in recent years. He has provided precise crosses and scored crucial goals at all times in matches. His increased ability to finish and make wise decisions further solidified his place as one of Real Madrid’s most important players.

1. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Kvaratskhelia has the talent to become a dominant force among Europe’s best wingers, as seen by his gameplay at Napoli. He is able to get past defenders and create chaos with his athleticism, close ball control, and vision. Napoli has a strong attacking source in Kvaratskhelia because of his skill at making crucial passes and cutting crosses. He has combined with Osimhen and taken Napoli to new highs in all competitions. He is a player to monitor as he continues to develop and hone his skill set.

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