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Qatar vs Uzbekistan: All time head-to-head record

Published at :February 2, 2024 at 8:11 PM
Modified at :February 2, 2024 at 8:11 PM
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Atawaris Warsi

Qatar have only won thrice against Uzbekistan.

The highly anticipated AFC Asian Cup 2023 quarter-final clash between reigning champions Qatar and Uzbekistan promises to be a thrilling encounter. Qatar, dominating their group with an impeccable record, secured victories in every match while on the other hand, Uzbekistan faced stiff competition, defeating India and drawing against formidable opponents Syria and Australia in the group stage.

Both teams displayed resilience in the Round of 16, securing hard-fought 2-1 victories. With the stakes elevated, the encounter is poised to be intense, and the home advantage for Qatar adds an extra layer of pressure. The Qatari team, buoyed by their stellar group stage performance will aim to capitalise on the familiar surroundings and continue their journey towards defending the coveted title.

Uzbekistan however stands as a formidable challenger, eager to upset the reigning champions and progress to the next stage in this prestigious tournament.

Historical Significance: A Journey Through Time

Qatar and Uzbekistan’s football encounters since 2006 carry historical significance, illustrating Uzbekistan’s consistent dominance with 9 wins to Qatar’s 3. This rivalry reflects the evolving landscape of Asian football, showcasing the competitive spirit and evolving strategies of both nations. 

Uzbekistan with a Good Record in H2H

This historical head-to-head underscores Uzbekistan’s consistent success over the years, shaping the narrative of their footballing history. As they meet again in the AFC Asian Cup 2023 quarter-finals, the match gains added significance within this competitive historical context.

Stakes high for the Quarter Finals clash

The upcoming AFC Asian Cup 2023 quarter-final between Qatar and Uzbekistan is imbued with heightened stakes, given the historical narrative of their encounters since 2006. Beyond the weight of their past clashes, the quarter-final adds a crucial chapter to their footballing history, with both teams vying for a coveted spot in the tournament’s semi-finals. 

For Qatar, the defending champions, the home advantage amplifies the pressure to prove their mettle. Uzbekistan, driven by their historical dominance, seeks to uphold their supremacy and advance in the tournament. The stakes are not merely about a single match; they encapsulate the pursuit of glory, the desire to etch a memorable chapter in their footballing legacy, and the quest for a step closer to clinching the prestigious AFC Asian Cup title. 

Qatar vs Uzbekistan: All Meetings

Qatar 2 – 1 Uzbekistan (Asian Cup) 01 March 2006

Uzbekistan 2 – 0 Qatar (Asian Cup) 15 November 2006

Qatar 0 – 1 Uzbekistan (Asian Games) 02 December 2006

Qatar 3 – 0  Uzbekistan (World Cup Qualification) 07 September 2008

Uzbekistan 4 – 0 Qatar (World Cup Qualification) 28 March 2009

Qatar 0 – 2 Uzbekistan (Asian Cup) 07 January 2011

Qatar 0 – 1 Uzbekistan (World Cup Qualification) 16 October 2012

Uzbekistan 5 – 1 Qatar (World Cup Qualification) 18 June 2013

Qatar 3 – 0 Uzbekistan (International Friendlies) 06 October 2014

Qatar 0 – 1 Uzbekistan (World Cup Qualification) 06th September 2016

Uzbekistan 1 – 0 Qatar (World Cup Qualification) 28 March 2017

Uzbekistan 2 – 0 Qatar (International Friendlies) 16 October 2018

Qatar vs Uzbekistan: Overall Head-to-Head Record

Games played: 12

Qatar won: 3

Uzbekistan won: 9

Draw: 0

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