The Gaurs lost 2-1 to the Iranians in their previous clash on Tuesday.

FC GoaPersepolis FC
0 – 4

FULL TIME – A professional and dominant performance from Persepolis see them continue their rich vein of form, with their fourth victory in four games. FC Goa were probably in the game only for the last 10-odd minutes, but failed to create anything worth disturbing the opposition goalkeeper. Persepolis showed why they’re the best in Iran, toying with FC Goa’s defence at regular intervals with consummate ease. Juan Ferrando’s boys will have to play much better to take points out of their remaining two games. Hope you enjoyed the commentary! Good night.

90+3′ FC Goa have a corner, with Ortiz taking a shot in the final minute of play to disturb Radosevic. Final whistle, and the game ends with Persepolis winning 4-0.

90+3′ The last couple of minutes were played out without much drama; both teams accepting the scoreline. Amiri was close to making it 5 from a header, but it wasn’t to be.

90+1′ Three minutes of time added, and Naveen Kumar sends the ball into the orbit. FC Goa are holding onto the ball better, with players such as Brandon and Ortiz controlling the flow. Why were they benched in the first place?

90′ Without Noguera and Angulo, FC Goa look a weaker side. The best stage needs the best players, and we wonder if it is over for them from here.

88′ FC Goa are comfortably playing the ball in their own half, while Rebello is brought down in a collision. The game is over, by the looks of it. Both teams are clearly passing time now.

86′ FC Goa have had the lion’s share of possession in the last 3-4 minutes, but to no real produce. Persepolis is tired and content of sitting back and hitting on the counter.

84′ Ortiz is holding onto the ball for far too long, when there are several options up ahead for him to play. Goa transfer the ball from an attacking position to Naveen Kumar.

81′ FC Goa continue to try and play it out from the back, but the persistent pressing of Persepolis hasn’t helped. The Gaurs have meekly conceded possession even in situations when they could’ve held on to it.

78′ Brandon manhandles the opposition captain and concedes a free kick, but Persepolis are happy to play it back and keep possession. Chothe jumps to meet a cross from the right, but heads it wide.

76′ FC Goa try to create a chance, but Ortiz slows it down. Brandon tries to cross it down the left, but it hits a defender’s body. FC Goa’s best passing sequence in a while.

73′ Free kick outside the Goa box for Persepolis, and they had at least three chances to score from the ensuing play. They hit the side bar as well.

71′ Persepolis continue their onslaught, while FC Goa try to pick up the pieces and do something in the opposition half.

68′ FC Goa change shape to 4-4-2, with Chothe and Ortiz up top, and the rest of the team defending in two low blocks of 4 each. An attack comes in from Omid. A, but he rifles it well over.

65′ Redeem Tlang makes way for Chothe and Ishan is off for Brandon Fernandes.

63′ FC Goa force another corner with some persistent pressing. Redeem again is in the thick of things. Nothing major off the set piece though.

61′ Redeem wins a corner for FC Goa, showing some quick feet down the right. Glan Martins tried to find him with a long ball.

58′ Another one! Corner, melee, and substitute No. 11 Kamal scores another for Persepolis from close range! Bad night for FC Goa.

58′ Mohammed Ali comes on, and wears the captain’s arm band for FC Goa. Amarjit and Devendra have made way for Glan Martins and Jorge Ortiz!

56′ Ivan Gonzalez is down. The stand in captain has had a fighting shift for the 55-odd minutes he has been on the pitch.

54′ There’s no real attempt to play the ball forward by both Amarjit or Rebello. They’re happy to keep possession and play it back to Donachie or Gonzalez. Time for a change?

52′ FC Goa looked to have started the second half with a little more tempo, but the goal have given them another reality check to be wary of Persepolis. What next, for Ferrando’s boys?

49′ It now is an impossible task for FC Goa to turn this around. Can they save some reputation from this one?

47′ The third one! A shimmy and a drop of the shoulder gives No. 72 enough space unmarked to place it in the bottom corner of Naveen Kumar’s goal. The goalkeeper could not do much this time around!

46′ Persopolis make a couple of changes, but FC Goa continue with an unchanged XI. FC Goa continue play with their low block.


45+2′ The whistle goes and FC Goa are trailing 2-0 against Persepolis. If things don’t change, FC Goa could be in grave danger of opening up a big goal difference. Juan Ferrando’s changes haven’t worked in this encounter, and FC Goa will need to conjure up some magic. Who will it be? Brandon Fernandes? Dismal performance from the debutants so far.

45+2′ Two minutes of time added. FC Goa concede another corner, as the defenders switch off. An inviting ball but is well headed out by a Goa defender. They scramble and clear another attack for another corner.

45′ Torabi placed it well down the right, sending Naveen the other way. The Goa goalkeeper has had a forgettable game so far. The Gaurs need to be braver and more expansive if they want to take anything from this game.


41′ ITS A PENALTY! Naveen Kumar couldn’t hold on to a cross from the left and then brought down a player in the box. Referee directs to the spot!

40′ Another attack down the right, and Amarjit pulls down an attacker to concede another free kick. Persepolis have nearly 70% of the ball possession. The freekick is cleared by Redeem, but Persepolis build again.

38′ FC Goa attackers are trying to press their opposition, but to no real avail. The passing range and ability on ball of Persepolis’ players is too assured.

36′ What trick will Jaun Ferrando put out of the hat? Is there a wild card that could help his side out of this situation?

33′ FC Goa take an attempt, but it’s away from target. The attack was the first moment when FC Goa committed multiple players forward.

31′ M Sarlak and Dorabi try to pull off a training drill from the free kick, but falter poorly. Naveen Kumar will resume proceedings after the water break.

30′ Persepolis playing around FC Goa’s box with ease. Poor signs for the Gaurs. Another freekick for Persepolis as an attacker is brought down.

29′ Persepolis are playing in between the lines with consummate ease and worrying regularity. FC Goa players need to attend to that, or else, they will be completely outplayed.

27′ Why wasn’t Dheeraj Singh played? Needless rotation or an injury forced hands? It will be an interesting question in the post-match conference! Goa have a huge mountain to climb now. They trail 3-1.

25′ Mistake results in the first goal of the game as PERSEPOLIS score. FC Goa waste a freekick, hand over possession meekly and Shariyar slots it under Naveen Kumar to make it 1-0.

24′ Another decent cross comes in from the right, but Persepolis forward heads it well over! Should’ve done better.

23′ Half way stage of the first half. The game has gone exactly how it was predicted. FC Goa defending with their lives as Persepolis keep attacking, one after another. Who will win this battle of resilience? Persepolis are very happy recycling the ball with their defenders.

21′ Naveen Kumar committed himself to a cross, but the header was wide and over from the Persepolis attacker. Little fortunate for the goalkeeper? Perhaps!

19′ The physical difference between the two sides looks massive. FC Goa players are hitting the ground regularly, even when being shielded/covered by their opponents. The game has failed to come out of blocks so far.

17′ A couple of good crosses came in, but Persepolis fail to connect to either of them. The game continues goalless. Ishan Pandita is cutting a lone figure up top.

15′ FC Goa hold onto possession for a bit, for the first time in this encounter in just under 15 minutes. Good signs for the Gaurs. Leander D’Cunha earns a yellow for a clumsy challenge on No. 9.

13′ So far, Persepolis have been more attacking down the right, creating all sorts of problems for Sanson Pereira. Tlang has helped the full back, but how long can they hold on?

11′ The message is clear, no half measures in defence, and try to find onrushing players while attacking for FC Goa. Will this tact work? Persepolis is happy to circulate the ball.

10′ FC Goa continue to hold on to their shape well, with regular attacks coming in from Persepolis. The game of patience and perseverance?

8′ FC Goa create a half-chance, with Sanson delivering one from the left. Amarjit tried to take a pilediver from the ensuing clearance, but it was blocked with ease.

7′ Wasted corner, and Persepolis fail to circulate the ball. Another throw in to Goa, down the right this time.

6′ Sanson attempts to find Ishan with a long ball, but to no avail. Long ball to Persepolis’ striker, and they win a corner.

4′ Another attempt to play the ball around FC Goa’s box, another free kick to Persepolis. This time, Rebello is the guilty party. Poor ball, FC Goa win a throw in down the left.

2′ Free kick comes in from the right, and is headed out. Naveen Kumar restarts play, but Persepolis control proceedings again.

10:30 PM Kick off, and Persepolis take control of the ball as FC Goa lose it. Attack down the right, but Pandita brings down an opponent for a free kick.

10:28 PM Two draws and one defeat for FC Goa means they have two points in three games. If they have to keep their chances alive, they must play out of their skins today.

10:25 PM In the next five minutes, one of the biggest matches of FC Goa’s seven year journey begins. Fans, leave your predictions in the comments!

10:20 PM Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem had put in some amazing displays under the bar for FC Goa. Naveen Kumar certainly brings in more experience, but does he bring in enough dynamism?

10:15 PM In the other game of the group, Al-Wahda FC defeated Al Rayyan SC 1-0, to consolidate the second spot! FC Goa need to cause a major upset!

10:12 PM How difficult is this going to be without the talisman Edu Bedia? FC Goa fans, let us know in the comments section!

10:10 PM FC Goa have made eight changes to the starting XI, with India’s captain at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Amarjit Singh sitting at the heart of their midfield. Princeton is expected to play by his side in a two-man holding midfield. Will this help Goa with the midfield battle?

10 PM The stakes are high. Persepolis are clearly the best side in the group, and are riding on three wins in three games. Can the Gaurs cause an upset? What will Juan Ferrando’s trick be?

9:55 PM FC Goa had started the first leg on the right note. Captain Edu Bedia (out with injury) had converted from a Brandon Fernandes free-kick. Brandon only finds a place on the bench today.

9:50 PM Naveen Kumar (GK), Leander D’Cunha, Ivan Gonzalez (C), James Donachie, Sanson Pereira, Princeton Rebello, Amarjit Singh Kiyam, Alex Romario, Redeem Tlang, Devendra Murgaokar, Ishan Pandita

9:40 PM TEAM NEWS IS IN! Here’s how FC Goa will line up against Persepolis tonight!

9:30 PM Welcome to the live coverage of the AFC Champions League match between FC Goa and Persepolis FC. We are coming to you from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa!

Both FC Goa and Persepolis will be playing their fourth ACL 2021 group stage game tonight. While the Iranian club are the table-toppers in Group E, the Gaurs are at third place.

Persepolis won all three of their group stage matches so far. They registered a 1-0 victory over Al Wahda in their opening clash, before coming from behind to win 3-1 against Al-Rayyan. Against Goa in the third game, the Iranian champions once again conceded a lead first before scoring twice and taking home the three points.

It goes without saying that they are one of the strongest teams in the competition. Meanwhile, FC Goa are playing their first-ever season in Asia’s premier football club competition. That said, the spirited display of the Gaurs have surely caused the Iranians to sit up and take note.

“Our group is one of the toughest in the whole competition. So, hopefully, we’ll be able to continue in the same vein,” said Persepolis coach Yahya Golmohammadi after Tuesday’s game. On that note, take a look at the key battles that could impact the match.

“We have three more games, they are very important for us. It’s necessary to work hard and our target is to get the nine points,” said Goa coach Juan Ferrando in the pre-match press conference. Read more of his quotes here.

When you take a detailed look into the Gaurs’ squad, you will also understand that the 40-year-old has acknowledged the importance of defensive stability while playing the continental competition. Read our detailed analysis of the FC Goa squad here.

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