The Portuguese and Argentine duo is regarded the best footballers ever to have graced the game by many.

They’re not humans, and a lot of defenders and goalkeepers will agree to this. The proverbial gods of world football at the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, are definitely different characters. They’ve created their own followers, schools of beliefs and thoughts, and more so over, have redefined the way the game is played and judged.

On a lighter note, Khel Now tries to put them in a different picture, compare and contrast. Let’s see what roles would the Portuguese and the Argentinian wizards suit, had they been in different walks of life.

Bollywood Actors

Aamir Khan: Lionel Messi, certainly. Is not at the top, ever, but is always at the top. Is awarded like a freak, and perfection is what gears him on. Beautifully depicting every role that he takes, Khan is a natural, like Messi. Is an effortless director as well, complimenting Messi’s play-making skills.

Salman Khan: Cristiano Ronaldo. Because who else could it be? If Salman Khan is in it, it’s got to be successful. Has had his fair share of critics, controversies, but is known to be a defier of the normal code and has a fanbase that could die and kill for him. Isn’t really multifaceted, but is ruthless and brutal at what he does, ruling the box office with numbers and hits. Ronaldo? At scoring goals and winning titles.

Cricketers (Current)

Kohli and De Villiers is regarded as the two best cricketers of their generations by many

Virat Kohli: The Indian cricket team captain had said that he takes a lot of inspiration from the Portuguese legend, and they’re not really different. Both players have reached a stage of saturation in terms of physical fitness, success and consistency, and nothing seems impossible. Breaking records at will and with every game that they play, Ronaldo and Kohli are easily the most driven personalities in their respective sports.

AB de Villiers: A lot of Indian cricket fans adore de Villiers, for his uncanny ability that has never been seen in the past. Mr. 360, as he’s widely known, de Villiers can do anything on a cricket pitch, most of them absolutely unimaginable for the masses. Messi, thus, falls into this bag. Taking the breath away with ease, both players have had to make difficult decisions in their childhoods to take up the sports they’re ruling today.


Arijit Singh: It has to be Cristiano Ronaldo, doesn’t it? Hits and drool-worthy, Singh has catapulted to success in different genres with ease, just like Ronaldo keeps scoring in every tournament he participates. Singh and Ronaldo have both set low records for them every year, and both surpass it with ease. Brilliance? Hard work? Both.

AR Rahman: He’s there, and you know, every once in a while, he’ll come up with magic. You want to see him perform, even if you’re an Arijit Singh fan (doesn’t mean it’s not the other way around). He’s created standards, he’s dominated everything there is to be dominated, and has won Oscars as well. He composes in his sleep, similar to the walking creativity Messi brings on the pitch. Classical patches, synchronized with composers and singers from all across the industry shows the kind of respect he warrants. Di Maria and Neymar agree.


Khaled Hosseini is the author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns

Khaled Hosseini: If anyone could come close to the perfection of this man, it has to be Lionel Messi. The Afghan-born author has changed a lot of dynamics in the middle-east, similar to how Messi, alongside Xavi and Andres Iniesta, has changed and added a new perspective to the game.

Hosseini is a romantic, with a touch of pain. He’ll show you the hardships of life, and will force you to delve into situations that you eschew from and then, will bring solutions. They may not be the happiest, but will certainly be calming.

Read ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and you’d understand what we’re talking about.

Paulo Coelho: Bestseller. Enigmatic. Winner. His piece’s title ‘A Winner Stands Alone’ easily suits the Real Madrid forward. Ronaldo, like Coelho, has created his own story, across three clubs, proving his ability to change, adjust to  different situations and yet, conquer. From ‘Veronica Decides To Die’ to ‘Alchemist’, Coelho proves he’s similar to the man, easily traversing through different veins. And Coelho, certainly, is more marketable than Hosseini, isn’t he?

The vicious versatility with which Pacino presents himself to a new stage and stays there to win it is easily related to Ronaldo’s conquests at every tournament he’s played, except the World Cup. It is probably too big an expectation with a side that’s not at par with the brilliance of the man.


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Hollywood actors

Roberto De Niro: Vito Corleone, the Godfather, is immortal. De Niro, certainly, is the face that keeps him alive. Arguably the best actor in the history of mankind, De Niro has delivered performances that have kept cinema alive with pride. From ‘Taxi Driver’ to ‘Raging Bull’ to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, De Niro is easily Argentine in footballing context.

The wonder goal against Getafe, then against Arsenal, then against Bayern Munich and then that goal against Iran at the FIFA World Cup 2014, you just can’t keep this guy out of the spotlight. He’ll keep coming back, he’ll keep reminding you of his godfather-like ability.

Al Pacino: Played Don Corleone’s son in the Godfather, Al Pacino was the closest who could dislodge De Niro from his chair as an actor. As the Godfather after Vito’s death, he did. ‘Scarface’, ‘Serpico’, ‘Scent of a Woman’ and so on, Pacino never went off the radar. He’s quite simply the best, for most.


Gates is the founder of Microsoft while Bezos is the founder of Amazon

Bill Gates: Bill Gates created something new, helps people around and yet, is still one of the richest men in the world. Messi created the Tiki-Taka (was a part of), helped to create the most dominant trio in football history and is still going strong, when the other two have diminished. The man knows how to reinvent himself, looks at life with a wide view and sympathizes as he creates and helps.

Jeff Bezos: Philanthropist he is as well, but is better known for his dominance in the e-retail market and the way he has revolutionized the conversion industry on the web. Bezos, Russian, has strongly performed at every stage and is the richest person on Earth. Ronaldo, similarly, has outscored and almost out-won everyone around him, with sheer brutality. He will go down in the history as one who changed the sport by a smart move, and not by revolutionary changes.