The emblem of the tournament in Qatar has a very deep and symbolic meaning about life and Qatari culture.

The upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated and unique tournaments in football. For the first time in history, the World Cup will be held in winter; additionally, an Arabian country will host the mega event.

Since Qatar was announced as the host nation for the 2022 World Cup, there has been debate about the country’s credentials. In spite of this, the hosts have turned their country upside down and this tournament seems better than ever before.

What’s unique about Qatar World Cup 2022

In comparison to previous World Cups, the 2022 Qatar World Cup will have many features that the previous ones did not. Fans will experience a whole new level of game experience in Qatar’s newly built cities and stadiums with high technology. Additionally, matches will have improved decision-making thanks to technology like semi-automated offside. 

As the World Cup will take place in winter, the regular European season will be at a halt and many players will come into the tournament on the back of their supreme club form and match sharpness. When it comes to what makes this tournament unique, no one can ignore its emblem, which was released in 2019.

The Official Qatar World Cup 2022 Emblem

The official emblem of the 2022 World Cup was released in September 2019 with a grand ceremony. Nevertheless, it was the most delayed unveiling of an emblem in the history of the World Cup, as tradition holds that the host nation releases the emblem at least four years before the showpiece.

The emblem was released at exactly 20:22 local time on 03 September 2019, which is the exact time Qatar gained independence from the British. It has been inspired by the culture and landscape of the Arabs. The logo was designed in Portugal by Brandia Central, a Lisbon-based branding agency. 

The Emblem was unveiled simultaneously on all of its historic towers as well as in major cities around the world such as Johannesburg, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Paris, Seoul and many more. It was also promoted by prominent football players on their social media handles.

What does Emblem mean?

The official emblem of the Qatar World Cup is as historic as the tournament itself. There are many things depicted in the logo and a big message is conveyed to the world. The organisers explained that the emblem is basically a depiction of rich Arabic culture and their symbolic meaning of lifestyle. 

The emblem’s sweeping curves represent Qatar’s dunes, which are eternal, regardless of natural or other factors. The central logo, which resembles an 8, conveys two different meanings. The first thing it shows is the number of stadiums that will host this showpiece, which is eight.

In addition, the 8 sign is also an infinity sign, symbolizing the interconnected nature of the world and the uncertainty of life itself. There is also a touch of Qatar’s traditional wear, the woollen shawl. In Qatar, shawls are worn during winter and the World Cup will be held at the same time. 

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