The former General Secretary of Confederation of African Football also put in a proposal to boost the development of the sport in the capital city.

Football Delhi aims to improve the sport in the city and has been given a massive boost as a highly-placed official of the Bundesliga has extended a helping hand to the association.

Peer Naubert, the head of global marketing for Bundesliga International, has offered his organization’s knowhow in helping to revamp the sporting structure concerning football in the capital city. It will further ensure the steady production of quality young players and overall development of the game and will hopefully assist in establishing a connection with the ardent football faithful in Delhi.

Naubert said, “We can extend our expertise and support to football in the capital city to assist the development of football. By engaging with the local football fans, we will have the opportunity to increase the fan-following of Bundesliga in Delhi.” 

“Clubs must have some social responsibilities to connect with the society. Top tier football must be connected with the local football,” he went on to add.

Furthermore, Football Delhi President Shaji Prabhakaran spoke of the importance of working in unison at all levels of the game. He added that such an approach will help Delhi to extract the most out of their local clubs and thereby serve as an example for others, who might wish to replicate the model in the future.

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 The President remarked, “It is vital to have a collaborative approach not only at the local level but at the national and global levels. This approach would bring the best out of our local clubs and then Delhi would lead by example.”

Hisham El Amrani, the former General Secretary of the Confederation of African Football, proposed a “10-year strategic plan” to bring about a holistic change in the Delhi football circuit. “Government and state administration need to step up to develop and Delhi must leverage its youth population to create a huge fanbase,” he opined.

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