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We expect to host Argentina in 2025, says Kerala Sports Minister V. Abdurahiman

Published at :April 1, 2024 at 10:41 PM
Modified at :April 1, 2024 at 10:41 PM
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Alen Philip Mathew

Minister Abdurahiman also stressed the importance of developing the sports economy in Kerala.

Football, often dubbed the beautiful game, has a unique ability to transcend borders and cultures, uniting people under the banner of passion and excitement. In a recent interview with Minister V. Abdurahiman on KhelNow TV, the significance of hosting the Argentine National Team in Kerala was discussed extensively. With insightful perspectives and strategic planning, the discussion illuminated the significance of such an exciting event in the Indian football narrative.

Enthusiasm for World Football in Kerala

He emphasized that while India may not have a storied history of winning major trophies in football, the football enthusiasts in the state are well-versed in the intricacies of world football. “Our football enthusiasts are knowledgeable about world football, although we lack in playing or winning trophies at bigger competitions,” Minister Abdurahiman remarked. “Keralites enjoy football and love football players. This enthusiasm was reflected in the previous World Cups and Copa America tournaments.”

For us, football goes beyond national boundaries. Minister Abdurahiman pointed out, “For us, it’s not just about Argentina or Brazil; they will welcome every big team here, filling the stadium,” he remarked, emphasizing Kerala’s deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game.

Indeed, Kerala’s love for football transcends mere fandom; it embodies a cultural phenomenon where every match becomes a communal celebration of the sport’s spirit.

Boosting the Sports Economy

Minister Abdurahiman stressed the importance of developing the sports economy in Kerala, highlighting its potential to create job opportunities and attract investments. “Developing the sports economy is crucial for us, as it provides more job opportunities and attracts investments,” he stated.

“Planning and executing such events contribute to the sports economy, bringing in more investments and businesses.”

Hosting league matches and international friendlies plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Drawing a parallel with Saudi Arabia’s successful sports economy, Minister Abdurahiman emphasized, “Saudi Arabia’s successful development in sports economy reflects in their ability to sign the highest-paid players.”

Argentina Friendly: Overcoming Challenges

While the prospect of hosting the Argentine National Team is exhilarating, it comes with its set of challenges. Minister Abdurahiman discussed the preparations underway and the difficulties they are facing. “Actively discussing plans with the Argentinian national team,” he revealed.

“Preparations include securing proper stadiums for the event. We expect to host in 2025 October, but significant expenses are involved.”

Despite the financial implications, the Kerala Sports Minister affirmed the state’s determination to bring Argentina to Kerala. “Recognizing the limitations of state government funds, we are exploring alternative funding avenues,” he explained.

“Despite challenges, we are determined to bring Argentina and are actively working towards it,” the Minister affirmed, underscoring the state’s commitment to elevating its football landscape. Beyond the thrill of witnessing an exciting football display, the event symbolizes a milestone in Kerala’s journey towards sporting excellence and economic prosperity.

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