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Phil Brown: Hopefully second half of the season will be more positive

Published at :December 21, 2019 at 12:05 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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Tarkesh Jha

The Englishman explained how his side has improved down the line and expects good results ahead.

Hyderabad FC will face ATK tomorrow in what will be the ninth encounter of the ongoing season for both the teams. Under Phil Brown, the side is at the bottom of the table with only one victory whereas ATK have garnered 14 points and are at the third spot. Phil Brown addressed the media personnel ahead of the game against the Kolkata outfit. He was asked about the upcoming game and his thoughts on the current state of his team in general. “How do I look at it? Obviously, where the league table is concerned, it is a concern about where we are. We are hoping that in the second half of the season we will be going to do something about that.” [KH_ADWORDS type="3" align="center"][/KH_ADWORDS] Phil Brown further said, “As any coach in the world, when you have your best players on the field and you are losing games, then you have only yourselves to blame. Now I have got my best players available. Hopefully the second half of the season will be a more positive one than the first half.” He then spoke on the opposition and Hyderabad’s previous match with ATK by stating, “Well, it is something that you look at. In the first half of the season, we had a look about how ATK play. I think if you look at the percentage of ball possession that ATK have had over the course of the season, it’s less than 50%. I think it is about 42 or 43%." "That’s in all the games. So, that suggests that we are going to have a lot of the ball. And the reason why, the players alongside me are hopeful that when we do have the ball, we cause ATK more of a problem." Speaking about the thumping loss in the reverse fixture, the coach said,"I think we go back to the first game when we got beaten 5-0; and all that thought. Because you have three guys sitting here and that really hurts, that really hurts. I think we were humiliated that day and as a coach I never want that to happen again; when I am at Hyderabad or wherever." "That’s why we play football, that’s why we enjoy playing football and we never want to be humiliated," he continued, "That day we weren’t good enough, we weren’t good enough with or without the ball." [KH_RELATED_NEWS title="Related News | Article Continues Below"][/KH_RELATED_NEWS] Moreover, Phil Brown explained how his side has improved down the line. "Eight games down the line now, we are a different team. We have a different thought process. We have a better understanding of defending and a better understanding of what we need to do with the ball." “And as I say when you got the ball as a team, you have good players; you have got good chances of scoring a goal. You have got good chances of hurting the opposition. “That’s what we intend to do. I am not going to say for one minute that we are going to reverse that score and make it 5-0. But if we do enough with the ball to hurt ATK, because we will have the ball, then, I am hoping for a positive result and hopefully a positive second half of the season.”