Some of the clashes in the past years have been nailbiting and went to the wire on several occasions.

FC Barcelona is set to host Real Madrid in the first El Clasico of the season on 18th December 2019. More importantly, this will be the last of such a match between these two teams in this decade.

So here, we go back the memory lane and recollect some of the best El Clasicos played in the past 10 years. There have been some incredible highs and then a few intolerable lows.

However, these games have always been filled with immense quality, sheer thrill and always an element of surprise.

5. FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid – LaLiga 2010-11

Pep Guardiola’s men had completely decimated Real Madrid back in 2010 when they scored five goals past Iker Casilias and concluded an outright humiliation even without Lionel getting his name registered on the scoresheet.

Real Madrid’s attack lacked any tooth as they were completely starved off any sort of possession and the maestro midfield duo of Xavi and Andres Iniesta outclassed the Los Blancos with some style and substance.

El Clasico: FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid – LaLiga 2010-11

With 98,255 supporters at their back, Barcelona demonstrated the peak level of the brand of football that Guardiola had trained them to execute and Jose Mourinho was eventually left with no answers to restrain or reply back to the same. It was the Portuguese gaffer’s first-ever taste of a Classico and a pretty harsh reminder about who was arguably the best team in European football back then.

4. FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid – Copa Del Rey 2013-14

It was the Copa Del Rey finale and the match was levelled 1-1 through a goal from Marc Batra in the 85th minute. The intensity of the game had been top-notch but given the discipline that both the sides had displayed pointed towards the fact that one could see this game approaching towards the penalties quite soon.

However, Gareth Bale took this exact moment to rise up to the occasion, escape the shadows of his more-esteemed teammates and score a goal that would make any Real Madrid fan forgive the amount Florentino Perez paid to acquire the services of the Welshman.

El Clasico: FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid – Copa Del Rey 2013-14

Through utter, downright, raw pace, Bale took the control of the ball from the left flank and raced his way ahead within such a blazing fashion – even drifting outwards of the touchline before coming in and then making a brilliant lateral movement to make his way into the 18-yard-box.

He then calmly put the ball behind the goalkeeper to assure a victory for his team in the fag end of the match!

The control, power, pace and eventual composure that he showcased was a stuff of legends and Bale is rightly applauded even today for that goal despite his recent antics off-the-field.

3. Real Madrid 3-1 FC Barcelona – LaLiga 2014-15

Like every other season, the La Liga title was being closely contested by both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and this was an occasion for either of the teams to move an inch or a few points ahead from each other. This game also marked the debut of Luiz Suarez, who was the star signing of that summer for the Catalans.

Though Neymar managed to open the scoring in the fourth minute itself, Real Madrid strengthened their grip over the proceedings as the time progressed and then managed to first level the score with a spot-kick that was converted into a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo.

El Clasico: Real Madrid 3-1 FC Barcelona – LaLiga 2014-15

Pepe and Karim Benzema bagged a goal apiece in the second half and Madrid managed to gain a lead in the league table against Barcelona. The result also provided Luis Enrique’s team their first league defeat of the season. Though Barcelona went on to win the La Liga that season, this victory would definitely be one of the more cherished ones in recent times for all the Real Madrid fans.

2. Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona – UEFA Champions League 2010-11

In a match that was marred with despicable controversies and ill-temper that projected a very improper image of this wonderful game in front of the European audience. However, given the stakes that were running behind this game, this victory by FC Barcelona definitely deserves to be so high in the list. Jose Manuel Pinto and Pepe were sent off from the field.

El Clasico: Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona – UEFA Champions League 2010-11

The latter even kicked Lionel Messi on the field whereas the diminutive genius responded with a breathtaking brace in the final quarter of the game that quashed the hopes of the Los Blancos to progress ahead from the semifinals.

More importantly, this handed Barcelona a two-goal away advantage as this was the first leg and they could certainly be relied upon to not squander this lead at home later.

There were numerous little fights, petty arguments as tensions arose during the course of the game and it left behind a scar that continued to trouble those who were involved in the making of that mishap.

1. Real Madrid 2-3 FC Barcelona – LaLiga 2016-17

This was in every sense the perfect modern-day Clasico.

It involved goals aplenty, some late drama, a red card issued to Sergio Ramos and then Lionel Messi attaining the bragging rights at the end of the game. It all started with Casemiro scoring a goal in the 28th minute and Messi levelling the scores just a few minutes after that.

El Clasico: Real Madrid 2-3 FC Barcelona – LaLiga 2016-17

However, the pace of the game intensified as it approached the final quarter with Ivan Rakitic scoring and then James Rodriguez too getting on the scoresheet in the 85th minute.

This game was arguably one of the most brilliantly contested Classicos ever but Ramos being sent off in the 78th minute provided Barcelona with a one-man advantage in a territory where Messi later capitalized on with an exemplary strike, the final killer punch in the injury time that allowed Barcelona steal away three points from the Santiago Bernabeau.

The image of Cristiano Ronaldo being visibly frustrated by Messi is still vehemently remembered by the masses. To put an end to this extravaganza, Messi ran towards the touchline, brought off his jersey and pointed out his name in front of the crowd in the Bernabeu to add more salt to their wounds. Ooh, nasty!