One of the most famous derbies of Spain is upon us

Real Madrid and Atletico have squared off loads of times, and there have been some intense moments in their games, but the majority of them have included many fights, which has led to people engaging in filthy battles rather than playing football.

And it has a long history in Madrid; Los Blancos is a more popular club than Atlético de Madrid, with 14 Champions League trophies to its name.

But it all started in 1902 when the Madrid Foot-Ball Club was founded, and it was the most powerful club in Spain at the time. However, the capital of Spain continued to merge the both clubs until they formed two separate clubs of Spain capital. Athletic Club Madrid was founded in 1903, and they were financially aided by the parent club Athletic Club Bilbao, resulting in a rivalry between Atlético de Madrid and Madrid FC in Spain.

The rivalry began in Spain and gained international attention in 1959 when two clubs from the same city met in the semi-finals of the European Cup, which Real Madrid won 2-1. Since then, both clubs have developed a love-hate relationship, most likely hate because of their on-field antics. The Madrid derby is the second most famous derby in Spain after El Clasico. 


In terms of games and trophies won, Real are miles ahead of Atletico Madrid and have dominated them in every competition. Real Madrid holds a great advantage in head-to-head matches, below are their encounters. 

Spanish supercup

Matches: 3
Atletico Madrid: 1
Real Madrid: 0
Draws: 2

League Cup

Matches: 4
Atletico Madrid: 2
Real Madrid: 1
Draws: 1

UEFA Champions League 

Matches: 9
Atletico Madrid: 2
Real Madrid: 5
Draws: 2

UEFA Super Cup

Matches: 1
Atletico Madrid: 1
Real Madrid: 0
Draws: 0

Copa del Rey

Matches: 42
Atletico Madrid: 11
Real Madrid: 17
Draws: 14

La Liga

Matches: 170
Atletico Madrid: 40
Real Madrid: 90
Draws: 40


Matches: 229
Atletico Madrid: 57
Real Madrid: 113
Draws: 59

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