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Yemen National Football Team

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The Yemen national football team is the national team of Yemen and is controlled by the Yemen Football Association. When the nation was split into North Yemen and South Yemen before 1990, two national teams existed. After unification, the Yemen national football team is considered the successor of the North Yemen national football team. See the article South Yemen national football team for details on the South Yemen team. Yemen (or North Yemen) has never appeared at a FIFA World Cup or an AFC Asian Cup tournament, despite Yemen's successes at the Youth teams such as the U20 and U17 Yemen. Despite being the 6th most populated country in the Middle East, Yemen has never achieved the same success as those with smaller populations like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Syria, and Oman.


Address Yemen
Phone +967 1 310 923
Fax +967 1 431 953

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Nick Name l-Yaman A'Sa'eed/ The Red (Al-Ahmar)
Year Founded 1940
Team Owner Yemen Football Association
Team Prsident Ahmed Saleh Al Eissi

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