These players will be an asset for gamers in their FUT teams.

FIFA 22 is one of the most popular games in the world. The latest edition of the long-running FIFA gaming series has the fans excited. Electronic Arts, the developers of the game, were busy in recent weeks building hype towards FIFA 22’s release. The game is accessible for users with early-access and will release for the general public on 1 October 2021. FIFA 22 will be available on all major platforms such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PCs and so on.

The game works on several metas, which are the dominant tactics used by players to win matches. Playing attacking football is the most used method, hence the importance of good attacking players. However, the one important element that often gets overlooked is passing. It is imperative for any FIFA Ultimate Team setup or career mode team to have good passers.

The ability to get the ball at the feet of the attackers is an art. Quite similar to real life situations, FIFA matches too need great passers to succeed. The best passing players are vital in executing attacking gameplays using accurate through balls, long balls and so on. 

Here is the list of the top 10 best passers in FIFA 22:

10. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – 88

FC Barcelona shot-stopper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is the third-best goalkeeper in FIFA 22 in terms of passing traits. He has an 88 passing rating, which is fair considering his performances on the field.

He is good at building attacking plays from the back and remains composed with the ball at his feet. The German custodian had a rating of 88 passing in FIFA 21 as well. 

9. Christian Eriksen – 88

Eriksen has a passing rating of 88 in FIFA 22 (Courtesy: Eurosport)

Christian Eriksen also has 88 rating in passing in FIFA 22. The Denmark national team skipper recently suffered a cardiac condition on the pitch during UEFA Euro 2020.

It is uncertain when Eriksen will play football again but an 88 rating is a fair measurement of his passing ability. His rating remains consistent from the previous edition as well.

8. Luka Modric – 89

Luka Modric is next up with a FIFA 22 rating of 89 in terms of passing. The Croatian national team skipper also maintains his passing attribute at 89.

The Real Madrid midfielder only had six assists for the club in all competitions last season, which makes the rating a surprise for users.

7. Bruno Fernandes – 89

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes has an 89 passing as well in FIFA 22. The Portuguese has been incredible for the Red Devils since his arrival from Sporting Lisbon.

Fernandes’ passing attribute sees a one point boost from 88 in FIFA 21. The 27-year-old had 17 assists in all competitions last season.

6. Dani Parejo – 90

Parejo maintains his rating from FIFA 21 (Courtesy: Villarreal)

Dani Parejo is next up on the list with a 90 passing rating in FIFA 22. He had the same rating in FIFA 21 as well, which is a fair judgement of his prowess on the pitch.

Parejo was instrumental in Villarreal’s UEFA Europa League success last term and continues to be the orchestrator in the team.

5. Toni Kroos – 91

Toni Kroos is considered as one of the best passers in world football. He hardly gives the ball away and goes several matches without a single misplaced pass. He has a rating of 91 in FIFA 22 in terms of passing.

Kroos is the go-to option for many users thanks to his passing and shooting traits. The Real Madrid star has maintained his 91 rating from the previous edition. 

4. Manuel Neuer- 91

Neuer has a 91 passing rating in FIFA 22 (Courtesy: Bundesliga)

The second goalkeeper to feature in the list is Manuel Neuer. The custodian has a rating of 91 passing in FIFA 22. It is no surprise that Neuer features in the list, since he had a rating of 91 in FIFA 21 as well.

The world is aware of the exceptional calm Neuer exhibits while on the ball. He has the tendency to leave his area and advance forward with the ball during matches. 

3. Lionel Messi – 91

Heading into the top three, the third best passer in FIFA 22 is Lionel Messi. He has a passing rating of 91 in the game, same as the last edition. The Argentine made headlines during the transfer window by joining Paris Saint-Germain, leaving FC Barcelona.

Messi is the top-rated player in FIFA 22 with an overall rating of 93. He will be amongst the most popular picks for obvious reasons.

2. Kevin De Bruyne – 93

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has the second spot with a passing rating of 93 in FIFA 22. Although the Belgian has started the current season on a rocky note, he had 24 assists last season in all competitions for club and country.

He had a passing rating of 93 in FIFA 21 too and remains one of the best passers in world football. 

1. Ederson – 93

Ederson is the top passer in FIFA 22 (Courtesy: Manchester City)

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson takes the top spot in terms of being the best passer in FIFA 22. He also has a rating of 93 and maintains his top spot from FIFA 21, where he had the same rating.

Ederson is popular for being extremely calm on the ball and a great distributor. By his own admission, Ederson believes he can play in Manchester City’s midfield too. 

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