The users did not waste an opportunity to take a jibe at both the sides.

When the European season started and Pep Guardiola and Ernesto Valverde began their campaign at Manchester City and Barcelona respectively, there were few to write them off achieving success in the Champions League. However, more than half a season later, Guardiola has had arguably the worst week with City. similar to Valverde, who fell prey to rotten luck last night.

Pep’s City were battered by former Bundesliga rival Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in the twice in a week along with a defeat against bitter rivals Manchester United. Meanwhile, Valverde’s dream of a treble also went to dust as the Blaugrana were hammered by AS Roma and were knocked out of the Champions League.

Although, this is a hard time for both clubs and their respective managers, Twitterati did not miss the chance to throw some of their favourite touches of sarcasm at them.

While the fact is that Guardiola has had minimal experience with setbacks in his entire managerial career, the last few days have been immensely disappointing for the Spanish manager. Since the last few years, questions have been raised about the 47-year-old’s ‘Moneyball’ approach to the game and one user did not forget to point it out.

Meanwhile, other fans had different statements regarding last night’s fixtures as one of them went on to declare Barcelona’s defeat as ‘the shocker’ of Tuesday night’s fixtures. 

Some Twitterati also went on to mock Barcelona star Phillipe Coutinho on his decision to leave Anfield to join the Spanish giants and we can’t help but appreciate their apt timing.

This year’s Champions League has been nothing short of brilliant with old guns such as Liverpool and AS Roma marching towards the ultimate battle. While all three of the English, French and Spanish champions have crashed out of the tournament, it is yet to be seen how the Italian and German champions fare in Wednesday’s games and how the Twitterosphere has to say about it..