The video of the brawl circulated on the internet, and it occurred in the middle of the popular Placa Reial square.

Just ahead of their UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg at Camp Nou, Liverpool and FC Barcelona fans were involved in a street bust-up. In the aftermath of the events, six supporters are arrested for assaulting two hotel workers.

The video of the brawl circulated on the internet showing supporters shoving local people into a fountain in the middle of the popular Placa Reial square. Hundred of travelling fans were present on Tuesday afternoon when the incident occurred.

The incident has caused an outrage among the Liverpool faithfuls as they insist that the actions of a few are hurting everybody.


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On the other hand, angry Liverpool fans are complaining of being targeted in Barcelona. They claim that drinks were kicked out of hands while flags were ripped down as they gather ahead of the game.

Liverpool fans took to social media to voice their opinion, a fan said: “They (Spanish police) looked like they wanted a reaction. None came. The restraint was commendable.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “Liverpool fans singing and drinking in the designated meeting place in Placa Reial. Spanish police turned up and started hitting fans who were retreating. Absolutely no need in it whatsoever. Plenty of fans were recording it, hope the footage shows the truth.”

One fan added: “Peaceful singing Liverpool fans non aggressive defiance at being treated like hooligans…..police expected trouble. ….they got non… a city were you can’t walk anywhere without the threat of being mugged or pickpocketed that is Barcelona ……over reaction on a huge scale.”

In 1985, UEFA banned English football clubs from competing in Europe. The ban followed the death of 39 Italian and Belgian football fans at Brussels’ Heysel Stadium in a riot caused by English football hooligans at that year’s European Cup final.

Strict actions are expected in the light on these events.