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Home Advantage? Germany's Role as Host of Euro 2024

Published at :May 15, 2024 at 2:46 AM
Modified at :May 15, 2024 at 2:46 AM
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For football fans, nothing comes close to the thrill and anticipation of the next major international tournament, and the next one set to rock up is Euro 2024. Kicking off in June, this event is always keenly contested by the best national teams in Europe, but will Germany have an advantage due to hosting the event in its own back garden?

Hosting a major event is believed to benefit the host nation. However, for some, despite the German team not looking as strong as it usually is, that advantage could prove the difference between success and failure.

History of Germany in the UEFA European Championships

Anyone who has followed international football for some time will know that Germany is among the most successful nations. If we’re specifically talking about the Euros or the European Championship as it was previously known, Germany’s national team has won the trophy on three occasions. 

Even when not always winning the tournament, Germany has only finished outside the quarter-finals on eight occasions since the event began — the best of any European country. 

It is no wonder that with home advantage, the country is again tipped by many for success in 2024. Users eagerly analyze and submit their betting tips and predictions for EURO 2024 which are available for free here.

The Concept of Home Advantage in Sports

Home advantage is a big deal in most sports, not just football, so when a big tournament comes around, it can prove massively beneficial to the home team or nation. 

For one, the team will not have to travel to another country and can stay in familiar surroundings instead. Secondly, due to logistics, more supporters will turn up for their games than those from other nations. 

That’s not to say home advantage comes without drawbacks. Due to the above benefits, a home team is under added pressure to do well. Furthermore, as the hosts are given automatic qualification into the event, they haven’t had to qualify or test themselves against other top nations in competitive matches. This lack of competition is not always ideal preparation for such a big tournament.

Are Germany Among the Favourites to Win Euro 2024?

Despite that success, the last win came over 25 years ago at Euro 96 in England. While Germany remains one of the most successful when it comes to football, currently, the German national team is not the favorite to win.

If you were to check the odds on most betting sites, Germany is currently the third favorite to win Euro 2024. Most have England down as the favorites for this tournament, France second, Germany third, and Spain and Portugal fourth and fifth, respectively. 

The fact that the team is not the favorite despite having a home advantage is telling. For all its previous success, Germany is currently going through a lull in football. There are concerns that the squad is aging and that there are more talented teams throughout Europe at this moment. 

Despite never winning the tournament, England is considered the best team right now, with lots of depth and talent coming through as backup. France has been very successful in recent international tournaments and still has the spine of those successful teams.

Does Hosting Guarantee Improved Results?

You only have to look at Euro 1996, when England were the hosts and among the favorites. Although making it to the semi-finals, the team could not take advantage of being a host nation and ironically lost to Germany. Many believed the team wilted under the added pressure. That shows that more than playing on home soil is needed to win in such high-pressure games.

Summing Up – Could Home Advantage Swing the Odds in Germany’s Favour?

Sure, Germany could have an advantage, but will it be enough to take them to glory, or will they fall a few steps short just as England did? They’ll have the fans, home comforts, knowledge of the climate, and all the other benefits of playing in your backyard. But winning football matches still requires the team to play to a high standard and beat the others considered best on the continent.

Anyway, football would be boring if the favorites always won. Shocks happen, good teams do not fulfill their promise, and weaker teams punch above their weight. Anything can happen, which is the same at Euro 2024 in Germany. The hosts will have an advantage, but it might not be enough to get the team over the finish line.

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