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Formula 1: Are F1 teams bringing any upgrades to Spanish GP 2023?

Anurag KanjaniAnurag Kanjani

June 4 2023
Spanish GP 2023 Formula 1
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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will be on pole on Sunday’s feature race.

As the highly anticipated Formula 1 Spanish GP 2023 approaches, fans and competitors alike are eager to see how the various teams’ upgrades will impact their performance on the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the official data from the FIA, explore the most significant upgrades, and discuss the potential implications of these changes on race outcomes.

What are the teams planning?

The Upgrade Package in Ferrari

Ferrari, one of the most prominent names in Formula 1 racing, has introduced the first part of their significant upgrade package to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Their primary goal is to close the gap with Red Bull, the current leaders in the championship standings. According to, Carlos Sainz will be the first driver to test the new upgrades during the Free Practice 1 (FP1) session for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Back-to-Back Evaluation

Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, will continue to use the old package in his car. This strategic move by Ferrari aims to conduct a thorough back-to-back evaluation of the updates, allowing the team to compare the performance of both packages on the track.

Floor, Sidepods, and Rear Wing Upgrades

The FIA’s car update submissions confirm that Ferrari’s upgrades for their SF-23 car include a revamped floor and sidepods, as well as a circuit-specific update to the top of the rear wing. This comprehensive package is expected to enhance the car’s overall performance and drivability for both Sainz and Leclerc.

Red Bull Inspiration

The first images of Ferrari’s upgrade package reveal that the team has taken inspiration from Red Bull’s RB19 design. By incorporating elements of Red Bull’s successful car, Ferrari hopes to improve the drivability of the SF-23 and potentially bridge the gap between the two teams.

Drivers’ Expectations

When asked about the impact of these upgrades on their lap times, both Sainz and Leclerc remained cautious in their responses. While they acknowledged the potential for improvement, they did not make any definitive predictions about how the changes would affect their performance in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Conclusion: High Stakes and Excitement at Formula 1 Spanish GP 2023

As the Formula 1 Spanish GP 2023 approaches, fans can look forward to witnessing the impact of various team upgrades on the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. With Ferrari’s significant upgrade package taking centre stage, other teams will also be striving to make improvements and gain a competitive advantage in the race.

The stakes are high, and the excitement is palpable as the teams and drivers prepare for what promises to be a thrilling and unpredictable race weekend. Will Ferrari’s upgrades propel them closer to Red Bull, or will other teams steal the spotlight with their own developments? Only time will tell as the world’s best drivers put their skills to the test on the iconic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at the Spanish GP 2023.

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