Max Verstappen smashed another record this season.

After each Grand Prix in 2022, it turns out that Max Verstappen has broken another F1 record. After his win in the Mexico City Grand Prix, he surpassed Vettel and Schumacher in registering the most number of wins in a single season. Not only that, he broke the record for scoring the most number of points in a single Formula 1 season. He broke the records Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton had put up in the past. Hence, here we look up to the top five highest-ever tallies recorded in a single Formula 1 season.

Plenty of chances but no finished product

Evolving Points System in F1

Making the Top five list of this can sound unfair as the points system and number of races have kept evolving since its inception in 1950.

When Formula 1 first started in 1950, there were only seven races on the calendar. And only the top five drivers were awarded points. First place 9 with the following four places awarded 6, 4, 3 and 2 respectively. This increased to the top six spots, then the top eight and then finally to the top 10. The 25-18-15 points format was introduced in 2010.

5. Max Verstappen (396 in 2021)

In a title battle for the ages, Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the last lap of the season. In what has been the longest F1 season to date, Hamilton and Verstappen went level on points to the final race of the year. 2021 had 23 feature races and three sprint races. He won a total of 10 feature races.

The Dutchman garnered 68.15% of the total points available in his championship campaign in 2021.

4. Sebastian Vettel (397 in 2013)

2013 was the last title Sebastian Vettel ever won. Of all his four titles, 2013 was the most dominant one. The German was on the back of triple championship victories when he entered the 2013 World Championship. The championship was open with each of Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg had won a race. But after the summer break, it was all Sebastian Vettel in the charts. From Belgium to Brazil, he won nine consecutive races which still stands as an unbroken record. His score tally of 397 broke his own record of 392 in 2011. Both of them came in 19 races per season.

His point percentage of 83.57% is the highest on the list.

3. Lewis Hamilton (408 in 2018)

The number of races in the calendar year increased to 21 in 2016. All of the turbo-hybrid eras were about Mercedes domination. As soon as the era started in 2014, Mercedes started winning race after race. In 2018, he wrapped up the championship comfortably and set the record for the most number points in a single F1 season. However, his point percentage of 77.7% remained inferior to that of Vettel’s 83.57% in 2013.

2. Lewis Hamilton (413 in 2019)

Just when everyone thought that this was it. Lewis Hamilton broke his own record the following year. Driving for Mercedes, he scored a total of 413 points in 2019. Valtteri Bottas ended the championship second, securing another 1-2 for Mercedes in the driver’s table. The car was untouchable but even more was Hamilton. He went on to win 11 races and secured 17 podiums. His teammate finished a massive 87 points behind him, who was another 48 points ahead of P3. Hamilton secured 78.66% of the total points available.

1. Max Verstappen (454 in 2022)

Verstappen won his second consecutive title in 2022. This year saw regulation changes which saw Red Bull become the best team in the grid again. There was no looking back for Verstappen and Red Bull once they sorted out their reliability issues. 2022 also saw the longest F1 calendar till date. The Dutchman wrapped his second title with a win in the Japanese Grand Prix. The 25 points in Mexico helped him pass the record set by Hamilton in 2019. However, his points percentage of 75.8% is slightly behind the ones Hamilton had set previously.

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