Both the players are playing in their maiden Grand Slam singles final.

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8:55 PM It turned out to be a topsy-turvy French Open women’s singles final. After a nervy start in both players’ first Grand Slam singles final, Barbora Krejcikova took the initiative and comfortably won the first set. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova came roaring back to claim the second set.

However, towards the end of it, the Russian began to struggle with a thigh issue. Despite fighting hard in the final set, she didn’t look comfortable moving around the court. Krejcikova took full advantage of the situation and is deservedly crowned the 2021 French Open champion. The 25-year-old dedicates her landmark victory to Czech tennis legend Jana Novotna, who had sadly passed away in 2017.

8:35 PM Krejcikova wins the French Open, beating Pavlyuchenkova 6-1, 2-6, 6-4

Barbora Krejcikova wins her maiden French Open singles crown! Take a bow, the new Roland Garros queen.

The 25-year-old Czech wins her maiden Grand Slam singles title. What a performance and she kept her focus right till the end! World No. 33 is overcome by pure emotion now.

8:32 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 5-4

Nervy. Very nervy. Pavlyuchenkova holds on with two fine serves and some hard hitting to win on deuce.

8:27 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 5-3

This is Krejcikova’s third consecutive match in as many days but she is showing no signs of any fatigue.

8:23 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 4-3

What a contest this is turning out to be! You just can’t take your eyes off it. Krejcikova hits an extravagant swinging spinner and now he has back-to-back love games of the match.

8:16 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 2-3

Pavlyuchenkova plays a crunching shot to go on the brink of hold and eventually gets the job done. They have won 65 points each. It’s been a see-saw contest.

8:12 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 2-2

Pavlyuchenkova will not go down without a fight in this French Open final. She breaks back with power. A clean strike from her and she doesn’t lose her court position. The 29-year-old knows she has to be aggressive from here on.

8:08 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 2-1

Break! Krejcikova wins on a double fault. Pavlyuchenkova is still making her shots, and those painkillers may be kicking in. But Krejcikova has learned her lesson and is making the Russian run.

8:01 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6, 0-1

Krejcikova is in slight trouble right now. On the other hand, Pavlyuchenkova is trying to keep herself moving. It’s not going according to the Czech’s plan.

7:55 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-6

The Russian wins the second set!

Pavlyuchenkova has some problem with her thigh muscles. But she is fighting on. The 29-year-old bites back into the contest and now we have the third and deciding set upon us.

7:49 PM Pavlyuchenkova takes medical timeout.

7:44 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 2-5

Krejcikova breaks back! Some nerves from Pavlyuchenkova as she makes a mess of a shot from the baseline. A whipped forehand takes the break for the Czech.

7:40 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 1-5

Strange match so far. It’s been an identical one-sided two sets. Pavlyuchenkova is now beginning to make mincemeat of her opponent’s serve.

7:32 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 1-4

Pavlyuchenkova clatters home to go 30-0 up. Then she’s sent skidding by a drop shot. No problem, it goes to 40-15. And that’s a hold. We are rattling towards a final set of truth.

7:28 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 1-3

Krejcikova’s nerves of the opening game seem to have returned but then she arrives at 40-15, and Pavlyuchenkova’s dig for a winner hands her the first game in the set.

7:25 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 0-3

Pavlyuchenkova goes to 30-0 up but is then tempted into overhitting a returned serve. It’s Krejcikova’s turn to wobble as she hammers an attempted winner wide. It’s speculative at best, and it’s going the Russian’s way.

7:18 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1, 0-1

The first win in six games. Pavlyuchenkova is struggling to access her usual power from the baseline. The first serve is still problematic, but she gets it done on the second.

7:10 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 6-1

Krejcikova takes the first set 6-1!

Six consecutive games for the 25-year-old! Krejcikova is up for the occasion. It is very tough to read where she would go, which is making it very tough for her opponent. It has taken Krejcikova just 30 minutes to clinch the first set.

7:08 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 5-1

This match can easily run away from the Russian. She has to find a way to play more of those longer rallies to test Krejcikova. The Czech is brimming with confidence now.

7:04 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 4-1

Pavlyuchenkova’s biggest strength is her serve. But she hasn’t got any answers so far. Does she have a Plan B?

6:58 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 3-1

The Russian with too many unforced effors so far. On the other hand, Krejcikova looked nervy at the start but is showing good variety at the moment.

6:53 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 2-1

Krejcikova’s aggresive backhand is doing the trick so far. Pavlyuchenkova will be looking to regain momentum now.

6:50 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 1-1

Great change of direction on the back hand as Krejcikova bites back to level.

6:46 PM Krejcikova vs Pavlyuchenkova: 0-1

Nervous start for Barbora Krejcikova as Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova wins the first game.

6:40 PM The French Open 2021 Women’s Singles final is underway.

6:15 PM Pavlyuchenkova is the first woman tennis player to play more than 50 Grand Slam matches, before making it to the final. She has broken the previous mark of 44 set by the 2015 US Open runner-up Roberta Vinci of Italy. Furthermore, the 29-year-old is also the first Russian woman to reach the French Open final since Maria Sharapova in 2014.

Krejcikova played the longest women’s semi-final match in Paris before reaching her first Grand Slam singles final. The match lasted for three hours and 18 minutes. She will also play in the women’s doubles final of the French Open 2021 with her partner Katerina Siniakova.

6:10 PM Hello and welcome to the Khel Now’s live updates of the women’s singles final of the French Open 2021.

The final battle in the women’s singles event of the French Open 2021 is taking place at the Court Philippe-Chatrier in Paris. Top tennis players from around the world gathered in the French capital to get the glory. In the end, it all came down to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia and Barbora Krejcikova of the Czech Republic.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova beat Tamara Zidansek of Slovenia 7-5, 6-3 to reach her first career Grand Slam final. Barbora Krejcikova ended Maria Sakkari’s dream run to meet Pavlyuchenkova in the final match. The Czech tennis star registered a  7-5, 4-6, 9-7 victory over her opponent in the French Open semifinal. This is the first Grand Slam singles final for both players. No matter who wins, it will be scripted as one of the French Open’s greatest underdog stories.

Tennis fans also witnessed a top-notch battle on Friday. World No. 1 Novak Djokovic played his long time rival Rafael Nadal in the French Open men’s singles semifinal. He defeated the twenty time Grand Slam champion 3-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-2 for the second time in his career at the Roland Garros. The match lasted for more than four hours.

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