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Prime Volleyball League

Prime Volleyball League 2023 full fixtures, schedule, match timings and telecast details

Published at :February 4, 2023 at 11:21 PM
Modified at :March 12, 2023 at 2:43 AM
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The tournament will be played at venues spread across three cities.

The Prime Volleyball league returns this month and will kickstart from 4th February with a match between Bengaluru Torpedoes (BT) and Kolkata Thunderbolts ( KTB). Kolkata Thunderbolts are the defending champions and will as such try hard to hold onto their title. This will be the second edition of the tournament after its inaugural season last year in February. The event will end on the 5th of March.

Here's a look at what you need to know about the tournament in general.

Tournament History

The Prime Volleyball League (PVL) is sponsored by RuPay and is an indoor volleyball tournament. The PVL is actually a rechristened version of the Pro Volleyball League which was last held in February 2019. The Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) does not have any involvement in it. Baseline Ventures handles all its responsibilities.

Though the journey was not as smooth. As Baseline had to go through a horrible court case with VFI but ultimately Baseline prevailed. Thus in 2021, BV teamed up with some old partners to start a new Prime Volleyball League. Five of the six teams (Ahmedabad, Calicut, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi) from the Pro Volleyball League returned to this league with two new teams (Bengaluru and Kolkata) were added. Mumbai Meteors was the last squad to be included in October 2022.

Which are the teams participating in the Prime Volleyball League 2023?

The tournament will consist of eight teams.

Bangalore Torpedoes (BT)

Ahmedabad Defenders (AMD)

Calicut Heroes (CH)

Chennai Blitz (CB)

Hyderabad Black Hawks (HBH)

Kochi Blue Spikers (KBS)

Mumbai Meteors (MM)

Kolkata Thunderbolts (KBT)

What are the squads of the teams participating in the Prime Volleyball League 2023?

Chennai Blitz 

Libero: R. Ramanathan

Setters : Pinamma Prasanth and Prasanna Raja

Blockers: Tushar Laware, Sita Rama Raju, and Akhin GS

Universal: Jobin Varghese

Attackers: Naveen Raja Jacob, Renato Mendes, Raman Kumar, Mohamed Riyazudeen, and Moyo Audran.

The squad of rest of the teams can be found here.

What is the tournament format?

The format will be similar to last years where every team will each other once. The top four teams will then eventually make it to the playoffs to determine the finalists. The detailed format of the Prime Volleyball League can be found here.

What are the venues for the Prime Volleyball League 2023?

Hyderabad, Kochi and Bengaluru will serve as the tournament's venues.

Where and how to watch the live telecast and streaming of Prime Volleyball League 2023?

Sony Network will serve as the official broadcast partner and the matches will be shown across all the Sony Sports channels. The matches will also be ready to stream on the OTT platform Sony Liv.

Prime Volleyball League 2023 Schedule, Fixtures, venue and match timings (IST)

Bengaluru Leg

04 Feb 2023

Bengaluru Torpedoes 2-3 Kolkata Thunderbolts | Report

05 Feb 2023

Mumbai Meteos 1-4 Calicut Heroes | Report

06 Feb 2023

Ahmedabad Defenders 2-3 Hyderabad Black Hawks | Report

07 Feb 2023

Kochi Blue Spikers 2-3 Chennai Blitz | Report

08 Feb 2023

Kolkata Thunderbolts 4-1 Hyderabad Blue Hawks | Report

09 Feb 2023

Ahmedabad Defenders 3-2 Bengaluru Torpedoes | Report

10 Feb 2023

Chennai Blitz 0-5 Mumbai Meteors | Report

11 Feb 2023

Calicut Heroes 4-1 Hyderabad Black Hawks | Report

12 Feb 2023

Mumbai Meteors 1-4 Bengaluru Torpedoes | Report

12 Feb 2023

Kolkata Thunderbolts 4-1 Kochi Blue Spikers | Report

Hyderabad Leg

15 Feb 2023

Hyderabad Black Hawks 3-2 Kochi Blue Spikers | Report

16 Feb 2023

Bengaluru Torpedoes 3-2 Chennai Blitz | Report

Kolkata Thunderbolts 2-3 Calicut Heroes | Report

17 Feb 2023

Ahmedabad Defenders 4-1 Mumbai Meteors | Report

Bengaluru Torpedoes 3-2 Kochi Blue Spikers | Report

18 Feb 2023

Hyderabad Black Hawks 3-2 Chennai Blitz | Report

19 Feb 2023

Ahmedabad Defenders 5-0 Chennai Blitz | Report

20 Feb 2023

Kolkata Thunderbolts 3-2 Mumbai Meteors | Report

Ahmedabad Defenders 3-2 Calicut Heroes | Report

21 Feb 2023

Hyderabad Black Hawks 3-2 Bengaluru Torpedoes | Report

Kochi Leg

24 Feb 2023

Calicut Heroes 3-2 Chennai Blitz | Report

25 February 2023

Kochi Blue Spikers 3-2 Calicut Heroes | Report

26 February 2023

Kochi Blue Spikers 2-3 Ahmedabad Defenders | Report

Hyderabad Black Hawks 1-4 Mumbai Meteors

27 February 2023

Kolkata Thunderbolts 4-1 Chennai Blitz | Report

28 February 2023

Bengaluru Torpedoes 3-2 Calicut Heroes | Report

01 March 2023

Mumbai Meteors 1-4 Kochi Blue Spikers | Report

02 March 2023

Kolkata Thunderbolts 3-2 Ahmedabad Defenders

03 March 2023

Semi-final 1: Kolkata Thunderbolts 2-3 Bengaluru Torpedoes | Report

04 March 2023

Semi-final 2: Ahmedabad Defenders 3-1 Calicut Heroes | Report

05 March 2023

Final: Bengaluru Torpedoes 2-3 Ahmedabad Defenders | Report