WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (November 3, 2023): A Preview of Crown Jewel

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 4 2023
WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (November 3, 2023)

Reigns & Knight have a final face-off, KO defeats Theory, Pretty Deadly wins Brutes, Belair defeats Bayley, Cena & Solo face-off and much more!

The November 03, 2023 episode of Friday Night SmackDown is officially over. This is the final episode before Crown Jewel as it is considered as a preview of the premium live event. A lot of face-offs between the opponents was featured, and four great matches were held in this week’s episode. Get to know what happens on this week’s episode of SmackDown as we came back with the complete summary of the show including match winners, ratings and results.

WWE SmackDown Summary

LA Knight & Roman Reigns Face off

LA Knight kicked-off the Friday Night SmackDown this week. He stared with a promo and states that Roman Reigns’ record breaking reign will come to an end at Crown Jewel. Knight claims that one BFT will be enough for him to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Roman Reigns interrupted Knight.

Reigns praised Knight for using his time wisely to gain the support of WWE Universe and asked the crowd to chant his name, because this is the last time its going to happen. Roman says that Knight is a cosplay of his cousin. He asks Knight to enjoy his night, because he won’t be able to from tomorrow night.

Knight replied him stating that he is indeed a cosplay, of the one who dethrone Roman Reigns. Knight claims that after Crown Jewel there will be no more Bloodline and the only Blood that lines up will be from his head that bleed between his eyes, when everyone say LA Knight as Champion. Reigns had a face of with knight, but SmackDown GM Nick Aldis brought referees to separate them.

Ratings: 4/5

Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory

Kevin Owens walks to the ring, Waller was in the commentary desk. Owens asks Waller how is he after Taylor Swift kicks his ass last week. Austin Theory came to the ring and as the match starts, Theory initiated the fight by running Owens back to the apron and commentary desk. However Owens changed the momentum took control of Theory with a clothesline sending him out and a senton outside the ring.

Kevin Owens sent Theory to the commentary table. As Owens have a talk with Waller, Theory took control. Both control each others finisher, as Theory deliver a Blockbuster on Owens and took him to the top rope. But Owens hit him with a throw down Slam, pop-up powerbomb and stunner for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens Ratings: 4/5


Cathy Kelly interviews Bianca Belair, as Bayley and IYO SKY attack Belair from the back. As Belair fights back, Nick Aldis and WWE officials separated them.

Logan Paul met Bobby Lashley and Street Profits backstage and they appreciate Paul for attacking Rey last week and wishes to dethrone Rey at Crown Jewel. B Fab then met Lashley and went to discuss something.

Shotzi Blackheart & Charlotte Flair vs Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Shotzi and Niven started the match, where Shotzi had the initial strike, but Niven took control. Green gets the tag in and both dominate Shotzi. Charlotte Flair gets the tag, where she wastes no time, went for the top rope cross body and a Big boot to Chelsea for the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair & Shotzi Blackheart Ratings: 3.5/5

Solo Sikoa & John Cena

Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman marches to the ring as Heyman cuts pro for Solo. He says that John Cena will be victimized. Solo calls out Cena for a face to face. Cena comes to the ring. Solo cuts a promo to which Cena says that he has been waiting so long to see Solo talk. Cena says that he needs only 90 seconds to roast him. Cena claims that Solo is only here because of his cousin. Cena says that he will kick Solo’s ass tomorrow night.

Ratings: 3/5


Nick Aldis said that when Bayley battles Bianca Belair tonight, rest of The Damage CTRL is barred from ring side.

Donnybrook Rules Match- The Brawling Brutes vs Pretty Deadly

Butch and Holland has no patience as they went to entrance ramp to start the fight. Butch and Holland locks both between the ropes for a 10 beats to the chest. Holland took both down inside the ring. Pretty Deadly controlled by breaking the bottle on Butch and battling Holland. No sooner they gained the momentum, Holland controlled both the men down and Butch went for a Moon-sault from the rope to outside the ring.

After the commercial, Butch with a Tornado DDT to Prince and Holland hit a back drop to Kitt. The Pretty Deadly fights back, by taking kicking Butch and attacking Holland with a stool. They hit a combination on Holland but Butch stopped them. As things went brutal, Holland broke the table with Kitt. Butch hit a Brogue Kick. Butch took Kitt to the top rope, but Prince hit a bottle on Butch’s head. Pretty Deadly delivered a combination move over the table for the win.

Winner: Pretty Deadly Ratings: 4.5/5

Logan Paul-Rey Mysterio Weigh-in

Logan Paul stepped in and weighs to be 213 pounds, Rey Mysterio weighs 175 pounds. After the weigh-in, they had a face off and had some trash talk, where Rey hits Logan and everyone stopped them from involving in a fight. 

Bianca Belair vs Bayley

Bayley goes on Belair with a  take down and rapid punches to the face. Belair soon turned the momentum as she hit the mid section the shoulder locking her in the turnbuckle, delivered  couple of vertical suplex and a lion-sault.  Belair then hit a couple of slams. Bayley hit a cutter and a running knee hitting Belair’s face between knee and ring post.

After the commercial, Bayley still is in control. She sends Belair out and hit an elbow drop to the spine of Belair. Bayley dragged her in and locks her neck. Belair escaped with a throw down and shoulder tackles. She is absolutely fired up. Belair delivered a 10 punches to the face and a Spine-burster on Bayley.

Belair hit a Overhead Super-plex on Bayley, stomps her. Bayley blocks Belair’s lion sault and drives her to the ring post dragging her shoulder first. Bayley hit a drop elbow from middle rope, but wasn’t enough. Bayley cleans announcement desk and lifts Belair for the powerbomb, but Belair stopped her and grabbed Bayley head first to the ring post. Belair used her hair to whip Bayley’s mid section. Belair then hit a KOD on Bayley for the win. After the match, Belair hit a KOD on Belair through the announcement table.

Winner: Bianca Belair Ratings: 4.5/5

WWE SmackDown Results

  • Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory by pinfall.
  • Charlotte Flair and Shotzi Blackheart defeated Piper Niven and Chelsea Green by pinfall.
  • Pretty Deadly defeated The Brawling Brutes by pinfall.
  • Bianca Belair defeated Bayley by pinfall.

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