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Triple H ‘actively brothered’ by perception about Japanese and Mexican wrestlers in WWE

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 21 2023
Triple H WWE

Ever since WWE’s creative control moved to the hands of Triple H, there have been a lot of positive changes in WWE. The King of Kings is actively making changes in the roster with which a lot of hidden talents have come into the spotlight and a number of Japanese and Mexican Wrestlers took the major spots. At this stage, a backstage report reveals that Triple H is actively bothered with a perception of Japanese and Mexican Wrestlers.

Triple H’s change in perception

Ibou, of WrestlePursuits reported that WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H is actively bothered about the perception that Japanese and Mexican Wrestlers couldn’t be successful in WWE. Since this myth kept bothering honor, and that was one of the reasons to present Kairi Sane and Dragon Lee as big time wrestlers in the company. It was previously reported that the company signed Japanese wrestler Giulia and is interested in signing Okada. But the thing is Giulia accepted the offer and Okada declined.

Ibou of WrestlePursuits said,

“I’ve reiterated a couple times now on WrestlePurists shows that one of the big things coming out of the office that was strongly related to me is a motivation to change the perception that Japanese and Mexican wrestlers cannot succeed in WWE”.

“It’s a thing that actively bothers Paul Levesque and the SmackDown that followed me receiving this information went out of their way to present Kairi Sane and Dragon Lee as big time acts. In the following week It’s now out that Giulia got an offer and that they want Okada again. My gut feeling is Giulia says yes, and Okada says no and remains in NJPW.”

Currently, Mexican & Japanese stars of WWE such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Akira Tozawa, Dragon Lee, Kairi Saine, IYO SKY and Santos Escobar are getting a great push and has been proving that the perceptions are wrong.

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