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WWE SmackDown Results, Highlights & Winners (January 26, 2024): Kabuki Warriors won the tag team titles

Published at :January 27, 2024 at 09:21 AM
Modified at :January 27, 2024 at 09:21 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Kabuki Warriors won tag titles, Lottery picks are back, LA Knight vs Solo Sikoa ended in a brawl and much more!

The January 26, 2024 episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown is over and it is the final episode of SmackDown before Royal Rumble. A number of royal rumble entrances where confirmed and they picked their lottery entry numbers and a championship changed hands. Get to know what happened on the final episode of SmackDown before Royal Rumble as we came out with the full show summary, highlights and results of the SmackDown.

WWE SmackDown Summary & Highlights

Randy Orton, AJ Styles & LA Knight

SmackDown kicks off with Eladio Carrion (American Rapper and Singer). He introduces his friend Randy Orton to the ring. Both do Orton’s signature pose standing on the ropes. Orton came to talk business, talk Bloodline. He says that Bloodline had a hell of a run, coz Roman Reigns is a World Champion. He says that 15 is the number for him at Royal Rumble, as he going to win Roman Reigns to become the 15 time World Champion.

AJ Styles interrupts and says that he forgot that AJ Styles is in the match. He asked Aldis for a match tonight with Solo or LA Knight or Randy Orton. Styles claim that he will be the one standing over them.

LA Knight interrupts and says Styles to stop his talk. Knight says that he is the only man who is having a match tonight as Paul Heyman thinks that he is the tough guy. Styles says that he would win all the three opponents to win the match. As Knight leaves, Styles kicked Orton’s mid section and hit him with a Pele Kick to the back of the head.

Carlito vs Santos Escobar

Carlito vs Santos Escobar WWE SmackDown

Both yell eachother before the match and Carlito has the first strike. After a brief control, Escobar pulled Carlito face first to the turnbuckle. Carlito fights back, but a distraction from Angel and Humberto make Escobar turn things with a suicide dive.

After the commercial, Escobar took control and tore Carlito’s t-shirt apart. Carlito target Carlito’s already injured shoulder with an arm extension, hit him with a metiora and a hurricanrana. Escobar stomps Carlito and locks him with an Arm bar.

Carlito fights back with a big right band, clothesline and a swinging neckbreaker. Carlito laid Escobar down, but Angel pulled the ropes to make Carlito fall. LWO and LDF start a brawl, where Del Toro flied through the top rope to the brawl. Vega tried to enter the ring, where Elektra Lopez came out of nowhere and pulled her legs off. Carlito is distracted and Escobar rolled him up for the win.

Nick Aldis Office- Lottery Pick (Bobby Lashley, Santos Escobar & R-Truth)

Ava met SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis and asks for an advice to manage NXT.

  • Bobby Lashley came to meet Aldis and pick his number for the Royal Rumble in the lottery.
  • Escobar with Legado Del Fantasma also showed up and took his lottery entrance number.
  • R-Truth is entering the Royal Rumble and took his lottery pick. He got either 19 or 20 and asked Aldis so that means he need to have a quarantine? And thought Aldis as Adam Pearce and says that his hair grew so fast.

Bayley Video Tape

Bayley on a video tape spoke about Damage CTRL and how important is this year to become the champion again. She says that is her destiny.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Kabuki Warriors SmackDown

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter took down Asuka and Kairi with a double takedown. After the commercial, Asuka and Kairi took control of Chance. Chance fought back and sent Asuka and Kairi through the ropes. Chance tagged Carter and she went through both of their opponents and delivered a drop kick splash combination.

Carter delivered a springboard leg drop. Kairi got tagged in and both delivered an innovative offence, but Chance breaks the pinfall. Kairi went for the Insane Elbow, but Carter countered with her feet up. Chance and Carter delivered their finisher, but Kairi breaks the pin. Kairi took Chace out and delivered back first on the announce table, Asuka inside the ring hit Carter with a sliding kick. Asuka tagged Kairi and both delivered a Insane Elbow – Neck breaker to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Backstage: The Bloodline

Paul Heyman asked Solo Sikoa to take down LA Knight tonight. Paul asked Jimmy Uso to enter the Royal Rumble match and bring the World Heavyweight Championship to The Bloodline as the World Champion on Raw has only one leg.

Nick Aldis Office- Lottery Pick (Bianca Belair & Bayley)

Bayley came to meet Aldis, where Bianca Belair took her lottery pick and claimed that she is going to be champion again. Bayley took her pick.

Bobby Lashley & Street Profits – The Final Testament

Bobby Lashley, Street Profits & Final Testament SmackDown

Bobby Lashley introduced their team members and says that they have came for a fight and called out The Final Testament. Scarlett enters on behalf of The Final Testament, Lashley asks why are they being a coward by sending the lady to handle business.

Ellering says that they fear none. Kross says they don’t deserve a fight tonight. Lashley says they will have a fight and sent Street Profits to take down AOP. When Lashley tries to attack Kross, Scarlett stopped him. Kross and AOP took Lashley and Profits down and made the statement.

Nick Aldis Office- Lottery Pick (Jimmy Uso)

Jimmy Uso took his lottery number for the Royal Rumble match and has a No Yeet! Seems like he enters earlier.

Austin Theory vs Carmelo Hayes

Austin Theory vs Carmelo Hayes WWE SmackDown

Theory and Melo yell at eachother and Theory pushed Hayes away. Hayes strike back with a drop kick and a springboard cross body. Theory sneaks away and while he enter the ring from the other side, Waller who is on the ring side attacked him with a cheap shot.

After tbe commercial Hayes is fired up and delivered a couple of elbow strikes, innivative backbreaker and face burster. Melo climbs the ropes, Waller distracts and Theory took advantaga and hit a faceburster. Theory looks for a A-Town Down, Hayes escapes hit Waller and Theory rolled him for the win. After the match Waller and Theory attacked Hayes, where Trick Williams with a huge pop came for the save.

Backstage Interview

Eladio was interviewed backstage and was asked about who would win the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble, where Eladio says Randy Orton and Solo Sikoa with Paul Heyman have a stare through on him.

LA Knight vs Solo Sikoa

LA Knight vs Solo Sikoa SmackDown

Knight lands a number of punches on Solo Sikoa’s face. Solo took him to the corner and splashed him. Knight fights back and hit a springboard shoulder tackle. Solo isn’t falling and Knight hit him on the knee and stomped his right hand to stop the spike. Solo rolls down, Knight follows him and hit Solo’s hand on the apron, announcement table and steel steps. Solo enters the ring and delivered a big right hand on Knight to take control before the commercial.

After the break, Knight tries to fight back, but Solo delivered a Samoan back drop. Solo took Knight on his shoulder, but Knight escapes and delivered a bulldog from the middle rope. Knight hits a number of punches on the face, delivered a flying clothesline and hit a leg drop. Knight stomps Solo in the corner and hit a knee splash. Knight took Jimmy out and delivered a DDT on Solo. Knight took Solo Out and blew his head on the announcement table. Knight came out of nowhere and hit a phenomenal forearm on Knight for the disqualification.

Styles took knight out and clears the announcement table. Jimmy is ready to strike Styles with a steel chair. Jimmy hands over the chair to Styles and ask to take Knight away. Styles took the chair to attack Solo and Jimmy. Randy Orton came and took Solo Sikoa with a backdrop on the announcement desk, hit RKO on Jimmy and AJ Styles. While Orton pose on the top rope, Knight pulled him down and hit a BFT on him to end SmackDown.

SmackDown Results

  • Santos Escobar defeated Carlito by pinfall.
  • Kabuki Warriors defeated Katana Chance and Kayden Carter to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • The Final Testament laid down Bobby Lashley & Street Profits.
  • Austin Theory defeated Carmelo Hayes by pinfall.
  • LA Knight vs Solo Sikoa ended in a disqualification.
  • Bobby Lashley, Santos Escobar, Bayley, Bianca Belair, R-Truth, Jimmy Uso picked their Royal Rumble slot.

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