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Becky Lynch recalls her time in WWE NXT; was told to “move like a girl”

Published at :February 02, 2024 at 05:52 PM
Modified at :February 02, 2024 at 05:52 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Becky Lynch is one of the greatest female professional wrestlers of the modern era. Lynch has been in WWE since 2013 and has been having a successful decade long journey with the company. She is one of the most contributing female wrestlers who played a major role in the boom of the women’s division and is the highest-paid female star in WWE. Becky Lynch in a recent interview shared her time in WWE, where she revealed her journey in NXT and how she became a star. 

Becky Lynch on breaking the mold

Becky Lynch recently appeared on Never Before Told with Seth Rollins, where Lynch revealed the she was asked to move like a girl in NXT and how John Cena and Seth Rollins helped her to break the mold of how female stars are capable off.

“Coming into WWE, I had one very specific goal and that was to main event WrestleMania and make women’s wrestling the coolest thing on TV, and to change the game and to be seen as equal. Even in my early stages in NXT, it was weird and confusing because you were told that women can’t punch and you can’t use things like steps and you can’t use the post. Are we supposed to just hair pull and slap each other? It’s very confusing. I even remember being told, ‘Move like a girl.’ What, I am a girl, what do you mean? It was all so very confusing.”

Becky Lynch continued stating that Seth Rollins and John Cena gave her advice and helped her to build her career to reach to the top card, where it was male dominated until then.

“Also, where I wanted to go to, there had been no women that had gone there. It is very male-dominated. I was trying to get to this space where the men were at the top of the card so I had to rely on them for help and for guidance.

I was lucky that I had people like you [Seth Rollins] to turn to. John Cena, being able to ask him advice on all the live events. You very much had to go to people who had been in the spots you wanted to be. Luckily, everybody was so willing to help the younger and eager talent in that regard. Nobody is hoarding the secrets for themselves.”

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