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Is Vince McMahon being erased from WWE following sex trafficking allegations?

Published at :February 02, 2024 at 04:02 PM
Modified at :February 02, 2024 at 04:03 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Vince McMahon was accused of a sexual allegation from an ex-WWE employee Ms. Janel Grant and a lawsuit was filed against him. The lawsuit was filed in the Connecticut district court, where Grant revealed that Vince promised to offer a job and promotion in WWE and trafficked her to other men inside and outside the company.

McMahon pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange and offered her $3 Million to hide the truth. However it came to light as a result Vince McMahon stepped down from his positions with WWE and TKO. Now a recent report reveals that McMahon has been erased by WWE and no longer be mentioned in WWE.

WWE erased Vince McMahon

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the fallout of Royal Rumble, CM Punk’s injury and the effects of McMahon’s lawsuit issue. Meltzer reported that WWE has erased McMahon’s name and they never mentioned his name anywhere since then and never will in the foreseeable future.

Meltzer said,

“It’s funny because the bad news, does short-term help the ratings? You know, I mean, we’ve seen that before, at least, at least when it comes to Vince McMahon bad news. You know, I mean, other bad news may not, but when it comes to Vince McMahon, it does, and it is very interesting. And I’m not surprised, and I don’t think anyone should be that when you compare and contrast the first time Vince quit. And this time, the first time Vince quit, they built the whole show around him.”

“You know they had Stephanie come out there the big goodbye the whole bit. And this guy’s been erased. I mean, Paul Levesque never mentioned his name at the press conference. On the Friday SmackDown show, they never mentioned his name. I don’t think that anyone’s going to mention his name on any shows, maybe ever again, at least not, you know, for the foreseeable future.”

“I mean, it is you know, and probably for all good reasons. I don’t see any point in ever mentioning his name, you know, other than it’s in a like a historical piece because, unfortunately, you know, when it comes to the history of WWE, you can’t tell the history of WWE up until the last month or two and do a fair job without mentioning Vince McMahon because he’s fingerprints as ever fingerprints are everywhere. And he’s the key guy in history.” [h/t Wrestling]

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