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WWE RAW Results, Highlights & Winners (February 12, 2024): Seth Rollins has Cody Rhodes' back

Published at :February 13, 2024 at 10:29 AM
Modified at :February 13, 2024 at 10:32 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Jey & New Day defeated Imperium, Lashley, Knight, Liv qualified for Elimination Chamber, Seth promised to have Cody’s back and more!

The February 12, 2024 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW is officially over and it is one of the must seen episodes in recent times. The complete episode of Raw featured Elimination Chamber qualifying matches & the build for WrestleMania XL. A number of exciting matches and segments were held on Raw. Get to know what happened on this weeks’ episode of Raw, as we came out with the complete match summary, results, winners and grades for the February 12, 2024 episode of Raw.

WWE Raw Summary & Highlights

Six-Man Tag Team Match- The New Day & Jey Uso vs Imperium

Jey Uso & The New Day vs Imperium WWE

Ludwig Kaiser & Kofi Kingston started the match and both exchange strikes on each other. Kaiser took Kofi down, but Kofi took Kaiser in control with a drop kick and double team work with Xavier Woods. They took Kaiser to their corner and started stomping them in the face.

Jey hit a Uso hip slash on Kaiser and asked him to tag Gunther. He tags in and tags back to Vinci to play mind games. Vinci attacked him from the back and tags Gunther to strike on him. Guther had some shots on him and tags Kaiser. Jey Uso is sent out, and Gunther hit a big boot on him.

During the commercial, Jey Uso fights back and took Kaiser down. He tags Kofi in and both the New Day members with the back to back tag took Vinci in control. Kofi hit a splash from the top rope, clothesline and a boom drop. When looking for Trouble in Paradise, Kaiser pulled Kofi and pushed him to the steel steps. Gunther tags in and punishes Kofi.

Kofi tried to tag, but Gunther chops both Kofi & Jey Uso and locks Kofi with a Boston Crab. Gunther talked trash on Jey & he heard enough. Jey Uso entered the ring and slaps Gunther on his head. Tensions raising before the commercial.

After the commercial, Kaiser tries to control the match, but Kofi fight back and tags Jey Uso in. Jey is fired up and hit Samoan Drop on both Vinci & Kaiser. Jey samoan splashed both Vinci & Kaiser in the corner and superkicks both. Jey calls Gunther and Gunther gets the tag. Jey looks for his signature punches, but Gunther chops him. Jey fights back and hit a cross body from the top rope.

Jey looks for a spear, but Gunther counters the move, chops him down and hit a vicious Clothesline. Gunther looks for a splash from the top rope, but Jey has his knees up. Jey spears him and went for the cover, but Vinci breaks the pin. Vinci tags in, Kaiser was taken out by Woods & Kofi. Jey hit Vinci with a super kick, Jey with the help of The New Day delivered a One D and hit a Uso Splash from the top rope for the win.

Andrade Vignette Promo

Andrade has his first promo after his return. He address his past and future.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match- Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed

Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed WWE

Both lock their hands and Reed hit a head butt and splashed him in the corner. Lashley tries to lock him with the hurt lock, but Reed escapes. Lashley hit a clothesline and them tried to delivere a spear, but Lashley is driven to the ring post and to the time keeper’s area.

After the commercial, Reed still has Lashley in control. Lashley tries to fight back and hit a face burster and a overhead suplex. Lashley hit a couple of clothesline, Reed hit a superkick and a fantam driver. Lashley took Reed down with a single handed slam. Reed hit a slam and senton on Lashley. Reed went to the top rope, but Lashley threw him down and speared him down for the win to qualify for the Elimination Chamber.

Sami Zayn Interview

Sami Zayn is asked about how he feels after his dream of becoming a champion shattered after losing the Elimination Chamber? Zayn says that he still has hope in him and will become champion, but states it is not going to be a easy path. Nakamura then appeared on the big screen and said that Zayn is trying to earn sympathy from the fans. Zayn’s dream of becoming a champion is over and he will take his confidence tonight.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes & Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Cody Rhodes says that he made the decision because of the audience, who voiced out for him for weeks. Rhodes says that he is getting emotional, but he won’t because he would become Cry Baby. He shows a video of Pat McAfee Show, where The Rock trash talked Cody in the mic. He asked McAfee in the commentary, what he has to do with the nuggets. Cody Rhodes then says that The Rock & Roman makes a big storm, but he looks to slap him back in the face.

Seth Rollins interferes him and Cody thanked him for coming for the aid of him at WrestleMania XL Kick-off. Seth Rollins says that he respect his decision of picking Roman Reigns and says that he need to finish his story for his father, him and fans. Rollins says that the other side is dark, if he didnt finish his story. Rollins asks what is his plans. It is not just Paul Heyman and Solo this year, but is a big threat in the way The Rock.

Seth Rollins says that he need not want to fight the battle alone. They think that they could do anything they want and he is sick of him. Rollins says that it is entirely his mistake of making Roman a big star, but he has became a monster. Rollins says that the only way to tackle both Rock & Roman is with the addition on one man, who could be his shield. He was once an architect and is now a visionary. Seth Rollins made the statement clear and left.

Backstage Update

Jey Uso will be facing Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship next week.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match- Liv Morgan & Zoey Stark

Liv Morgan vs Zoey Stark WWE

Morgan looks to finish the things too soon with a rolldown, but kicked out. Liv stomps Zoey in the corner. Zoey fight back and hit a clothesline. Morgan delivered a hurricanrana and sent Zoey out. While Liv climbs the top rope, Stark took her to the shoulders and slammed her on the apron.

After the commercial, Liv Morgan delivered a Code breaker from the middle rope. Zoey Stark hit a powerbomb and a missle drop kick, but Liv kicks out. Zoey delivered a superkick and went for the top rope for a spinning splash, but Liv escapes. Liv delivered a code breaker and ObLIVion for the win.

R-Truth vs JD McDonagh

Truth calls The Miz through the phone before the match and asks for help, as Judgment Day might kill him. Truth hands over his phone to the ref & Dom took the phone.

McDonagh used the distraction and attacked him from the back. Truth however takes full control of McDonagh. He tossed him all across the ring, delivered an AA. But Dominik pulled McDonagh from the ring. After the commercial, Truth hits a shoulder tackle and five-knuckle shuffle. Truth looks for AA, but Priest distracts. McDonagh hit a suplex and won.

After the match, Judgment Day tried to attack Truth. But Truth took everyone and Priest took him down. It became a four on one attack, where DIY with the chairs on their hand saved Truth. 

Backstage [Cody Rhodes & Sami Zayn]

Cody Rhodes met Sami Zayn and thanked him for having his back last week. Cody says that he is not the only one who believe in himself, but also him and the WWE Universe. Cody says that he always got his back and wished him for his match.

Becky Lynch, Nia Jax & Rhea Ripley

Becky Lynch addresses the WWE Universe and says that she is excited to be on the road fo WrestleMania 40. She talks about her past of how she failed in her gym class  main evented WrestleMania, met his husband, welcomed her daughter, missed a lot of occassions including his dad’s funeral. She then came back and is now looking to be back in the spot by winning the Elimination Chamber. Lynch asked some might love Mami, but she never met a dominant wrestler like her. Lynch took a drink in her hands and says that it is for Rhea’s last few days as champion.

Nia Jax interrupts Becky Lynch and acts emotional, that Becky Lynch will win Elimination Chamber and head to WrestleMania, but will be facing Nia Jax instead of Rhea. Rhea Ripley rushed to the ring and fights Nia Jax to make a statement. Jax pushed Rhea to Becky Lynch and crushed them. Becky drop kicked Jax and both Ripley & Lynch stand face to face.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre was interviewed backstage, where he says that he will be winning the elimination chamber to go to WrestleMania, claiming himself as the underdog. However he sends a message to Cody Rhodes and calls him for a match next week, after which he could never be making to WrestleMania, just like Punk.

R-Truth & #DIY

R-Truth & DIY were on backstage, where Truth thanked them and confused DIY with DX. He thought Gargano as Shawn Michaels and Gargano as Triple H. Now, Truth has two words for them “Thank You”.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match- LA Knight vs Ivar

LA Knight vs Ivar WWE

LA Knight is distracted by Valhalla and Ivar took advantage with that. Knight however gains the momentum lands strikes on his face, delivered a DDT and took Ivar out to blew his head on the announcement desk. Knight took Ivar to the barricade, but Ivar pushed Knight to the barricade and hit a cross body on him.

After the commercial, LA Knight hit a vertical super-plex on Ivar from the top rope. He tried to lift Ivar on the shoulder but he can’t. Ivar hit a powerbomb. Knight than lifted Ivar and slammed him. Ivar looks for a BFT, Valhalla distracts & Ivar hit a spinning heel kick. Ivar went for a top rope moonsault, but Knight escaped and delivered a BFT for the win.


Drew McIntyre met Sami Zayn and warned him to keep his name away from his mouth. Zayn asks him to get out of his way.

A last chance Battle Royal is announced to enter the Elimination Chamber, where Chelsea Green is not a part of. She argues with Adam Pearce for not being a part of that. She then asks for a tag team title shot, but Indi & Candice says that its their time to have a shot. Baszler & Stark then came and warned Green.

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Raw

Sami Zayn locks Nakamura’s head where Nakamura took it to the ropes and kicked him on the ribs. Nakamura locks Zayn’s hand, but he sent Nakamura out and immitates Nakamura. After the commercial, Zayn hits a bionic elbow from the middle rope on Nakamura’s head. Nakamura fights back and laid Zayn on the turnbuckle to target his mid section. Nakamura kicks Sami’s ribs and kicked him on the head. He locks Sami’s head with a sleeper hold, but Sami escapes. Nakamura hit a sliding German suplex. Sami hit a fantom driver and sends Nakamura out. Sami flew over the top rope and landed on Nakamura.

During the commercial, Nakamura took control by blewing Sami Zayn’s head on the announcement desk. Nakamura took advantage of the match after the commercial. Nakamura looks for a Kinshasa, but Sami Zayn delivered a Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn looks for a Helluva kick, but Nakamura slides out. While Zayn looks to take Nakamura between the ropes, Nakamura kicked him on the head. Nakamura hit a knee to the back of his head and looks for Kinshasa, but Sami hit a vicious clothesline.

Sami Zayn punched him on the face and hit an exploder suplex. Sami looks for a Helluva kick, but Drew showed up and distracted him. Nakamura striked on Zayn’s back of the knee and hit a Kinshasa on Zayn’s back of the head for a win.

After the match, Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Sami Zayn, where Cody Rhodes came to the aid. Cody hit a Cody Cutter on McIntyre & Cross Rhodes on Shinsuke Nakamura and made them retreat.

WWE Raw Results

  • Jey Uso & The New Day defeated Imperium.
  • Bobby Lashley defeated Bronson Reed to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match.
  • Cody Rhodes promised to slap The Rock back.
  • Seth Rollins joins Cody Rhodes battle, by promising to have his back.
  • Liv Morgan defeated Zoey Stark to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match.
  • JD McDonagh defeated R-Truth by pinfall.
  • Becky Lynch, Nia Jax & Rhea Ripley had a brawl
  • LA Knight defeated Ivar to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match
  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Sami Zayn with the distraction assist with Drew McIntyre

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