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Top four directions for Becky Lynch following 5/27 WWE Raw

Published at :May 28, 2024 at 6:58 PM
Modified at :May 28, 2024 at 6:58 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

‘The Man’ lost her title rematch against Liv Morgan

Becky Lynch is one of the greatest women’s professional wrestlers of all time, who has been in WWE Since 2013. She is one of the four horsewomen who have uplifted the women’s division to an all new level. Lynch is a nine-time champion in the company and is the sixth Women’s Grand Slam Champion. Becky has risen from an underdog to the top star of the company back in 2018 and is still in the prime of her career.

Despite being one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in the company, she is near her contract end and hasn’t signed the contract yet. She recently had a match championship on Raw against Liv Morgan, where she failed to win the title. This match is rumored to be her last match in WWE, however there isn’t any official information about her status. So here are four directions for Becky Lynch following this week’s Raw.

4. Becky Lynch could turn heel

Becky Lynch has been the biggest babyface in the company, who fights on the right terms and defeats her opponents clean. However, that didn’t help her and paved the way to lose her World Championship. Considering the dirty play around her, Becky could turn heel to recapture her World title to reinstate her in the top card.

3. Enter Free Agency

Becky Lynch could enter the Free Agency to witness a big-money bid among the top pro-wrestling companies. Currently Becky is the highest-earning female star in WWE, who earns over $3 million per annum from WWE.

If she enters free agency, her pay would drastically increase and could receive big money deals from WWE, AEW and other major promotions, which could make her the highest-paid female stars ever in the industry.

2. Re-sign a WWE Contract

WWE Fans, who attended the Raw Live in Savannah, saw Becky Lynch being emotional during the entrance and after the show. Becky in her previous interviews has also said that she will always be in WWE. Considering all this, Becky could be reconsidering her decision and could sign a WWE Contract to remain with the company and continue her ongoing career.

1. Becky Lynch could have a Long Hiatus

Becky Lynch could go on a long hiatus, similar to how Roman Reigns went and return back later to regain her momentum. This time off is necessary for Becky as she already fought too hard for a very long time consistently in the last few years.

Backstage reports suggest that she should have been on hiatus after WrestleMania XL, however Ripley’s injury brought her back for a brief time. Now Becky could now enjoy her hiatus uninterrupted for a long time and come back stronger than ever.

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