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John Cena vs The Bloodline: Full WWE Storyline

Published at :May 19, 2024 at 2:00 AM
Modified at :May 19, 2024 at 2:00 AM
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‘The Greatest of All Time’ has had plenty of run-ins with the Anoaʻi family

The sixteen-time World Champion and the Bloodline have a very long story. While both John Cena and ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns have had their matches in the past, here is a full story of how it took place when Reigns became the Tribal Chief. It should be noted that both the final boss and John Cena had their faceoff in the WrestleMania 40.

Money in the Bank 2021

Cena returned to punish the Bloodline in 2021 during the Money in the Bank 2021 when Roman won his match against Edge.

Though it was obvious that it would be Cena vs Reigns during the Summerslam, WWE tried changing the plans but made the contract signing very chaotic where Balor was expected to sign the contract, subsequently, Baron Corbin came and pushed him out of the ring, same happened with Corbin too when Cena pushed him and signed the contract, though he lost the match against the Tribal Chief in the Summerslam, the stakes were very high with both Cena and Reigns exchanging blows through their promos.

John Cena and Kevin Owens

During the Smackdown Episodes of December 2022, Owens was in a feud with the Bloodline, as there was a match and he required a partner, it was the sixteen time World Champion who aligned with him surprisingly and shared his video with the whole of the Bloodline.

The match took place on the Smackdown edition of 30th December where both Owens and Cena were on a team against Honorary Uce Sami Zayn and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the former won against the latter.

Cena aligns with AJ Styles and LA Knight

John Cena was going on with a feud against the Bloodline during 15th September 2023 where he was joined by the phenomenal AJ Styles. He was destroyed by the Bloodline on the next edition of Smackdown and was joined by LA Knight in the next edition. Both Cena and LA Knight went against Solo and Jimmy in WWE Fastlane where the babyface team won.

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Cena vs Sikoa

Both John Cena and Solo Sikoa went against each other in NXT on October 10, 2023. The brawl followed until the Crown Jewel 2023. Both Cena and Solo went against each other where both of them had an upper hand once. While the odds were against Solo, he emerged as the winner against Cena and it was said that Solo will be getting upper hand after that feud, which never actually happened until now.

Cena Returns

John Cena returned on the night two of WrestleMania 2024 where he came to help the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes from the reinforcer Solo Sikoa. It should be noted that he didn’t come for a full time run this time, he just arrived to provide an equal number’s game to Cody Rhodes who was on the verge of losing this time too. Later, he had to face the Rock who gave him the Rock Bottom to knock him out.

Cena is said to return for a final run before he retires and it’ll be interesting to see how his story unfolds against the Bloodline this time when he returns to WWE for the final time.

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