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Top five possible feuds for Roman Reigns when he returns to WWE

Published at :May 5, 2024 at 4:00 AM
Modified at :May 5, 2024 at 4:00 AM
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(Courtesy : WWE)

Darshanbir Singh

“The Tribal Chief” has not been seen on WWE TV since WrestleMania 40.

Roman Reigns lost his Undisputed Title at WrestleMania 40. There is a lot happening in WWE Smackdown where Jimmy Uso was kicked out of Bloodline and Tama Tonga, the MFT joined the Bloodline. There are different feuds that could be planned for Roman Reigns upon his return and we can have a look at what feuds could be planned for him upon his return.

Who is the Tribal Chief?

Week by week, it’s evident that Solo Sikoa might face scrutiny upon Reigns’ WWE return. Their clash could be months away, but anticipation remains high for the ultimate showdown between The Tribal Chief and The Tribal Heir.

With Tama Tonga’s inclusion, and possibly Jacob Fatu and also Zila Fatu, a clash between the original faction and the new one looms. The live audience’s chants for Reigns during Solo’s segment underscore the brewing tension. The question is, will he join Jey and Jimmy, or it was the plan of the Tribal Chief himself. It will be interesting to see who will be the Tribal Chief.

Who has a better faction?

With both Roman and Priest have a faction, though it might be confusing about how WWE will go ahead with this, it will be interesting to see the match happening, while The Judgement Day acts like a heel, Roman with his old Bloodline Jey and Jimmy might come ahead and challenge his for his World Championship.

Other than that the Bloodline could be joined by Sami Zayn as Zayn also has a history with The Judgement day. It will be interesting if WWE takes such an angle.

Gunther is the best?

Around the midpoint of Roman Reigns’ 1,300-day reign, Gunther secured the Intercontinental title, becoming WWE’s longest-reigning champion with a tenure of 666 days. Despite Reigns being lauded for his dominance, his victories often relied on assistance from The Bloodline.

In contrast, Gunther genuinely dominated his challengers. Positioned as a potential top heel whereas Roman could be seen as a babyface, Gunther must confront and triumph over Reigns, who claimed dominance during the same period, and who knows if Gunther could be joined by Ilja Dragunov, thus leveling the game on both side.

Shield brothers have work undone

Before Cody Rhodes dethroned Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship, Seth Rollins stood as the last to defeat him in singles action. Their clash, a disqualification victory for Rollins at the 2022 Royal Rumble, marked a significant moment in Reigns’ historic reign.

Despite Jey Uso’s tag team pin, Rollins and Reigns’ connection through The Shield binds them. With Rollins lacking a proper rematch, a reunion and feud seem inevitable, especially after Rollins’ interference with the chair just like 10 years ago that costed Reigns at WrestleMania 40, paving Rhodes’ victory.

Final Boss for the flesh

Remember that iconic spear and Rock’s face? While fans anticipated a showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, the timing wasn’t ideal as Cody Rhodes had earned his second chance against Reigns. When The Rock returned and Rhodes graciously stepped aside, it left a sour taste for many. The Rock’s association with TKO’s board further muddled things.

Instead of facing off, The Rock teamed up with Reigns against Rhodes and Rollins on Night One of ‘Mania. Despite his Hollywood persona, The Rock still craves a feud with Rhodes upon his return. It doesn’t need a title; it’s about the legacy of wrestling’s greatest family.

While these are just anticipation, one might start thinking what Triple H can do with the expectations, that are actually unexpected. Whatever happens will be in the favour of fans, as Smackdown goes to USA and Raw goes to Netflix, it will be interesting to see how he plans out everything.

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