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Who is the favourite to win WWE King of the Ring 2024?

Published at :May 11, 2024 at 8:10 PM
Modified at :May 11, 2024 at 8:10 PM
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(Courtesy : WWE)

Blesson Daniel

The “Ring General” has already stated his winning case

The clear frontrunner in the overall bracket declared his claim to WWE’s yearly crown almost as soon as the organization announced its King and Queen of the Ring event. With his promo and an incredible 666-day reign as Intercontinental Champion, WWE presented the case for Gunther to win King of the Ring.

After taking some time off following WrestleMania, Gunther has returned with a fury. Of course, there are many great and popular stars fighting for the title in 2024. However, Gunther possesses the intangibles required to clear the field and ascend to the figurative throne of the WWE Universe.

Why Gunther should win the WWE King of the Ring tournament?

Gunther was a dominating champion, but all reigns must end. The age of years-long title reigns is over and has yet to return to mainstream wrestling.

As of 2024, his two-year reign as Intercontinental Champion stands out. Even after bringing the Intercontinental belt to new heights, his defeat would generate revenue and ticket sales. Similarly, he needed to lose the championship to advance in the WWE hierarchy; that is how things work.

Fortunately for WWE, fans will ultimately cheer against the big guy. It’s a simple narrative that connects across cultures. After losing the belt, Gunther is free for a change, giving fans the moment they seek. That is a positive long-term outcome. However, losing always lowers your stock for a while. This was always an issue for Gunther. He has to lose at least once before reaching this point.

Winning King of the Ring provides Gunther the one award in the firm that cannot be taken away, the only one that he does not have to destroy other people’s momentum to maintain.

That type of award is crucial for creating an unstoppable monster. After the major triumph, he may relax a little because his position is secure the entire time. Now, he may win the championship without having to give up the crown to the next winner, who will be crowned the following year regardless of Gunther’s position.

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