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Top seven superstars who should join AEW from WWE

Published at :May 2, 2024 at 5:30 PM
Modified at :May 2, 2024 at 5:30 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

Three stars are under pushed and are not part of major stories currently.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a company pioneered by Cody Rhodes is headed by Tony Khan. The company is quite well built and there are several former WWE Stars who have joined the company from WWE due to several reasons.

Some of them being creative freedom, a competitive environment, fresh challenges against new opponents, increased fan connection, and growth potential in a rapidly evolving industry. AEW’s dynamic atmosphere and passionate fanbase offer wrestlers a chance to explore different aspects of their craft while contributing to the growth of a burgeoning promotion. For WWE talent seeking a change of pace and new opportunities, AEW presents an intriguing alternative worth considering.

With the following reasons being there, let’s take a look at the top seven WWE Stars who should join AEW for their future in Pro Wrestling.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura, who is not doing too well in WWE could benefit from joining AEW due to its emphasis on showcasing diverse wrestling styles and fostering creative freedom. AEW’s roster features talent from around the world, providing Nakamura with opportunities to compete against fresh opponents and explore different aspects of his character.

Additionally, AEW’s fanbase embraces unique personalities and in-ring innovation, offering Nakamura a platform to connect with passionate supporters on a deeper level. Overall, AEW’s dynamic environment could provide Nakamura with new challenges and avenues for personal and professional growth.

Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander, who was the part of Hurt Business and was shown as one of the best cruiserweights in WWE might consider joining AEW for various reasons. AEW offers a platform that values athleticism, storytelling, and character development, which could provide Alexander with greater opportunities to showcase his in-ring skills and personality.

Additionally, AEW’s more relaxed schedule and creative freedom could allow Alexander to explore different aspects of his character and pursue new rivalries. Joining AEW could also offer Alexander the chance to be part of a rapidly growing promotion that is reshaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews was shown as a strong one until he was with Commander Azeez but after that he is not seen as the dominant wrestler. Apollo Crews might consider joining AEW to explore new creative opportunities and further develop his character. AEW’s roster is diverse and offers a range of styles and personalities, which could allow Crews to stand out and showcase his talents in a fresh environment.

Additionally, AEW’s focus on storytelling and character development could provide Crews with more meaningful storylines and feuds to engage in. Joining AEW could also offer Crews the chance to compete against top talent from around the world on a larger stage since he is already an experienced one.

Ridge Holland

Ridge Holland, who announced that he will be stepping away from in ring competition indefinitely for his mental health could be the one to Join AEW as he is no longer appreciated in WWE, after Sheamus got injured, Ridge Holland was deemed as the unluckiest superstar.

Ridge Holland, known for his strength and intensity, could benefit from AEW’s emphasis on showcasing different wrestling styles and providing opportunities for emerging talent to shine.


The Empress of tomorrow, Asuka is a part of Damage Ctrl and has the Women’s tag title, While they have a match against Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill for the titles, it is expected that she can join AEW soon because of lack of opportunities.

As everyone know Asuka is a highly skilled and charismatic performer, she might be drawn to AEW’s focus on storytelling and character development, which could allow her to explore new aspects of her persona and engage in compelling feuds with a diverse roster of competitors.

Karrion Kross

The head of Final Testament, Kross is actually not booked the way he should’ve been, lately its seen that his NXT Run was next level, so , with his menacing presence and dominant in-ring style.

He could thrive in AEW’s more edgy and unpredictable atmosphere, where he could establish himself as a top-tier competitor and engage in intense rivalries with other dynamic personalities on the roster, the same happened with Malakai Black, who had a dark character and joined AEW similar to what can happen with Cross too as he has been approached by the company in past.


Ricochet’s in-ring prowess is consistently remarkable, and he’s had a commendable run in WWE, boasting an impressive trophy cabinet. Yet, it feels like he’s reached a plateau and may struggle to ascend further. Considering this, taking a leap to AEW could be a worthwhile gamble.

In AEW, Ricochet’s talents could truly shine. His electrifying style aligns perfectly with the AEW ethos, and he’d have a plethora of new and familiar foes to face. A move to AEW could invigorate his career, offering fresh opportunities for growth and recognition.

While both the promotions are good on their part, it will be interesting to see how it goes for AEW and WWE and who all change the companies in the near future.

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