Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei stats: A statistical comparison of two badminton legends


June 4 2023
Lee Chong Wei

Both legends were inducted into BWF Hall of Fame recently.

The Lee-Lin rivalry was a competition between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, two seasoned badminton players. It was regarded as one of the most intense conflicts in badminton history. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are two of the most successful badminton players in the history of the sport. While Lin Dan is from China, Lee Chong Wei hails from Malaysia.

They are renowned for their distinctive playing styles and are both excellent athletes. Lee is known for his amazing speed, ability to counterattack, crouch defence, recovery, cunning net play, and steep, powerful jump smashes. Despite being challenging to perform, the cross-court smash has been regarded as Lee’s favourite stroke by some. Lin, on the other hand, is renowned for his patience, tactical awareness in adapting to his opponents’ style of play, unexpected launching of massive smashes, sliding defence, and all-around court performance.

Both legends have met each other 40 times, out of which Lin has won the battle 28 times and the rest by Lee. Out of the 40 meetings, 22 of these were in the final and 15 in the semi-finals. Lee Chong Wei in particular has won 47 Super Series titles (2007–2017) and ranked WR 1 for 349 weeks, which included a 199-week streak. Both athletes met each other for the one last time during the All England Open in 2018 with Lin emerging victorious.

Comparison by Medals

Olympic Games

Lee Chong Wei – Silver Medals (3)

Lin Dan – Gold Medals (2)

Asian Games

Lee Chong Wei – Silver (1) and Bronze (2)

Lin Dan – Gold (2), Silver (1)

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World Championships                    

Lee Chong Wei – Silver (4) and Bronze (1)    

Lin Dan – Gold (5) and Silver (2)

World Cup (until 2006)

Lee Chong Wei – 0      

Lin Dan – 2 Gold

Asia Championships

Lee Chong Wei – Gold (2) and Bonze (2)     

Lin Dan – Gold (4), Silver (2), Bronze (1)

World Junior Championships        

Lee Chong Wei – Bronze (1)     

Lin Dan – Bronze (1)

Asia Junior Championships

Lee Chong Wei – 0      

Lin Dan – Gold (1)

Comparison by titles

Super Series Finals  

Lee Chong Wei – 4      

Lin Dan – 1

All England Open    

Lee Chong Wei – 4      

Lin Dan – 6

China Open  

Lee Chong Wei- 1      

Lin Dan – 5

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