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2022 FIFA World Cup

How the 2022 Qatar World Cup is different from others in the past?

Published at :November 16, 2022 at 6:44 PM
Modified at :November 16, 2022 at 6:44 PM
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Hardik Malhotra

This is one of the most unique tournament off all time

In just a number of few days the world's biggest sporting carnival will begin as all eyes will be on FIFA World cup 2022

32 teams will be in Qatar for the first time as the host country gets the chance for the first time to host this electrifying event. 

Let's explore what new things this Qatar 2022 world cup can show to the world which can be different from the past tournaments.

A new land

Over the years FIFA has organized world cup at different countries and this time too, FIFA has chosen a new Land for it.  Qatar is among the one of the fastest growing footballing nation in the world which promises to bring many stream of new passionate footballers for the years to come.

Most expensive FIFA World Cup

The stylish new stadiums will cost more than $6.5 billion, as Qatar plans to highlight the Arabic tradition and culture through it. The total cost of hosting the Qatar world cup is reportedly around $220 billion. Never in the history of football has seen any country splurging such amount of money for any FIFA world cup. The 2014 Brazil cost $11.5 billion and the Russia 2018 about $14 billion.

Winter and FIFA

The 2022 FIFA world cup will break its tradition and will be held from mid November through mid December. With very high summer temperature in Qatar it would be risky to play the hard game so the change of proposed season was necessary. 

More injuries to come

It is unknown as how well the players will come for this World Cup. Before every world cup there is ample time for the players for international break getting in shape and be injury free. But this time it's a bit different as the Club football is already on leaving many players injured and out of World Cup such as Pogba, Kante, Jota, and many more. Whatever the case but one thing is sure, that this will be an unusual world cup with regards to Players Fitness.  

New technology

FIFA world cup 2022 will have a brand new technology in matches which is 'SEMI-AUTOMATED OFFSIDE TECHNOLOGY' this will be used for the first time in a world cup. This new technology will detect the position of the ball with 'inertial measurement unit sensor' inside the ball. This will also collect and track the player position during a possible offside chance. 

5 subs rule with bigger squads

The five substitution rule will be used for the first time in FIFA world cup. It has already started in club football. After the COVID-19 the International Football Association Board announced the practice to use 5 Substitution in every game. With this rule the teams are allowed to have a 26 players squad instead of 23 used in past  FIFA world cup. 

Small scale challanges

Qatar as we all know is not a country with large scale area. Hence it will be a challenge for the Gulf country to manage the traveling fans from the world. It's different as whenever FIFA has chosen a small country it has shared the World Cup in 'two' such as the 2002 world cup where South Korea and Japan hosted the tournament. But 2022 world cup will only be for Qatar and it's 11,586 km2 area.

Future beyond 2022 World Cup

Can any country think of dismantling their gigantic stadiums after it's use. Qatar is the one all the eight stadiums will see massive transformations. 'The 40000 seater  stadium 974 will be dismantled after the world cup and will be provided to the needy countries'. Similarly the 80000 seater Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community space. With cafes, schools and health clinics inside it.