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Top 9 players who have won Champions League, World Cup and Ballon d'Or

Published at :December 19, 2022 at 10:52 PM
Modified at :December 22, 2022 at 8:31 PM
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Saurabh Anand

Not many have won all three accollades.

Since 1986 Argentinians were waiting for this moment. In 86' Maradona moment created history, in FIFA World Cup 2022 fans were expecting the same for their leader and pride of Argentina Lionel Messi. Argentina in World Cup final in 2022 defeated France. This game went on for ages to decide who would be crowned champion.

France’s young striker Kylian Mbappe in the final 15 minutes of the game took the game to extra time with his two brilliant strikes. Then again in extra time injury moments, Mbappe did the unthinkable to set up a penalty shootout clash between the two giants.

More than Mbappe’s hat trick this final will be remembered for Lionel Messi and for its rollercoaster fun. Most of the football fans expecting Messi to retire from International games were wishing for Messi’s first FIFA World Cup trophy kiss. Messi with his magic made it happen. Argentina in the end defeated France in a penalty shootout 4-2 difference.

Lionel Messi also scored twice in the game, one Penalty and one with a brace in extra time. With this glorious personal performance and historic victory, Messi entered into an elite list of players winning the UEFA Champions League, Ballon d’Or and also the most prestigious tournament in the sporting world, the FIFA World Cup.

Sir Bobby Charlton

FIFA World Cup – 1966, Ballon d’Or – 1966, European Cup - 1968

Legendary English forward Sir Bobby Charlton had won all three of Football’s most coveted titles within the span of three years. In 1966 Sir Bobby Charlton with his three goals played a pivotal role for England in the final. The same year he was also awarded Ballon d’Or and in 1968 he won UEFA Champions League (known as European Cup then) with his club Manchester United.

Gerd Muller

FIFA World Cup – 1974, Ballon d’Or – 1970, European Cup – 1974,75,76

Goal machine Legendary German striker Gerd Muller also is on this elite list of winning all three prestigious trophies. Gerd Muller scored 4 goals in West Germany’s dominating World Cup win in 1974. Muller also made a hat trick of winning the European Cup starting the same year in 1974, 75 & then 76 with Bayern Munich. Muller’s Ballon d’Or came in early 1970.

Franz Beckenbauer

FIFA World Cup – 1974, Ballon d’Or  - 1972, 76, European Cup – 1974, 75, 76

Gerd Muller’s mate Franz Beckenbauer is also on this list. Beckenbauer was a member of West Germany’s 1974 World Cup-winning squad. Known as one of the best in the game he was a member of Bayern Munich’s European Cup hat trick-winning team in 1974,75 & 76. Beckenbauer won the Ballon d’Or twice in his career in 1972 and 1976.

Paolo Rossi

FIFA World Cup – 1982, Ballon d’Or – 1982, Champions League – 1985

The summer of 1982 was memorable for one of the great Italian strikers Paolo Rossi. Paolo Rossi with his six goals guided Italy to their third World Cup title. Rossi for his game in the Knockout stages was awarded the Best Player in the tournament. Same year Rossi for his game got the Ballon d’Or glory too. In 1985, Juventus became the Champions League champion too and entered this elite list of players.

Zinedine ZIdane

FIFA World Cup – 1998, Ballon d’Or – 1998, Champions League – 2002

For any 90s kid, Zidane was a hero in Football. With his two strikes in 1998 final against Brazil Zidane became a star not only for France but for many aspiring football players. 98 was the first-ever World Cup title wins for France. Same year for his wonderful performance Zidane won Ballon d’Or in 1998 and then 4 years later in 2002 He won the Champions League with Real Madrid.


FIFA World Cup – 2002, Ballon d’Or – 1999, Champions League – 2003

Brazil in the late 90s and early 2000 was a squad filled with many stars. Rivaldo is one among them. He won the FIFA World Cup in 2002 with Brazil. In personal glory, Rivaldo won Ballon d’Or in 1999. Rivaldo in his first season for AC Milan won the Champions League in 2003. He is not the only player on this list.


FIFA World Cup – 2002, Ballon d’Or – 2005, Champions League – 2006

One of the Fans favourite players Ronaldinho is also among these legendary names. Ronaldinho won the FIFA quadrennial trophy with Brazil in the year 2002, Ballon d’Or in 2005 and the Champions League with FC Barcelona in 2006. Ronaldinho was also a member of All Star Team in the FIFA World Cup 2002.


FIFA World Cup – 2002, Ballon d’Or – 2007, Champions League – 2007

A young Kaka only played for around 20 minutes in the 2002 final yet he was lucky enough to find his name among legends. Kaka had a memorable year in 2007 when he won the Champions League with AC Milan in 2007 & the Ballon d’Or the same year.

Lionel Messi

FIFA World Cup – 2022, Ballon d’Or – 2009, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19, 21, Champions League – 2006, 09, 11, 15

FIFA World Cup 2022 was about Lionel Messi after Argentina’s first defeat against Saudi Arab in the Group round. Messi after a continuous setbacks in the FIFA events finally got the best for himself in Qatar. Previously for Barcelona, Lionel Messi won Champions League 4 times and Ballon d’Or for record 7 times in his career. A win against France added one more star to his career.