The Gunners are currently sitting on top of the English top flight

Many football fans may not be familiar with Carlos Cuesta, but the Spanish coach has been a key factor in Arsenal‘s recent success. The team’s tactical and physical preparation has been greatly aided by Cuesta, the man in the background, who has also helped the Gunners reach the top of the Premier League standings.

Before moving to Europe, Cuesta, a UEFA Pro License holder, started his coaching career in Spain, working with a number of youth teams. He joined Arsenal in 2018 as a member of Unai Emery’s coaching staff, and he quickly established a reputation for himself thanks to his meticulousness and knack for getting the best performance out of his players.

Arsenal’s players have improved their physical condition and strength under Cuesta’s direction, giving them the ability to press opponents and exert intense control over games. Cuesta constantly strives to improve the team’s shape and strategies to take advantage of their rivals’ weaknesses, which has contributed significantly to their success. The team’s tactical adaptability has also been a key factor in their success.

Due to his gentle nature off the field, Cuesta is a favourite among the team’s players and staff. He frequently works closely with the team’s superstars, like Thomas Partey and many others individually, to help them realise their full potential.

Cuesta’s contribution to Arsenal’s success cannot be overstated as the team pursues the title. The underappreciated coach has been instrumental in the Gunners’ comeback, and both supporters and detractors will recognise his value in the team’s accomplishments.

Where did Carlos Cuesta work before Arsenal?

At just 27 years old, Carlos Cuesta has already performed for Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Arsenal, and speaks six languages. The Gunners’ manager Mikel Arteta’s assistant, but he might be more appropriate to work as their Individual development coach.

A player’s individual report is created to track their strengths and weaknesses so that they can be developed in an effective and efficient manner. This is a major area of focus in football right now. He believes that training and analysis should take into account each player’s unique developmental needs, unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach.

Each member of Arsenal’s first-team squad receives individualised attention from Cuesta, who is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Catalan. Cuesta can converse with each player in their mother tongue. He usually works after the main training session for the day.

Cuesta reviews all training and game footage with each player.

First, He discovers a player’s unique identity and needs. This process considers a player’s physical, mental, technical, and tactical abilities and needs. Cuesta works with subject matter experts and the larger staff to meet a player’s developmental needs.

The Spanish coach joined Atletico Madrid Academy at 18. He led the Under-13s after that he was studying at Porto University under Vitor Frade, the father of tactical periodization and a major influence on Jose Mourinho. After meeting a Juventus coach at LaLiga Promises, 22-year-old Cuesta joined the Turin team in August 2018. The club’s executives hired the Majorcan after the coach brought him to Turin. During his two seasons at Harvard, Cuesta assisted Fabio Pecchio’s U23s and U17s.

Cuesta joined Arsenal after a study trip to Manchester City before joining Juventus. Manchester City invited the young coach to England after submitting a detailed attack analysis. Arteta considered his fellow countryman. After winning the FA Cup, Arteta hired Cuesta, Molina, and Georgson as his assistants. After Arsenal dominating the Premier League 2022-2023 it’s sure that Cuesta is one of Europe’s top coaching prospects and will be becoming a manager soon.

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