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Who are the worst penalty-takers in Premier League history?

Published at :January 7, 2023 at 12:20 AM
Modified at :January 7, 2023 at 12:20 AM
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rajarshi shukla

These players have marked their names down in history but for the wrong reasons.

Riyad Mahrez missing another penalty in City's 0-0 draw at Dortmund brings up how many players have missed several penalties in Premier League. Players have made different records after missing more penalties than converting the spot kick. Here are the top 10 players in Premier League history who are the worst penalty-takers, and Mahrez's missed penalty puts him on the list of worst penalty-takers.

10. Teddy Sheringham – 68%

One of the game's best scorers, Sheringham, struggled to convert from the penalty spot. The player scored 146 goals in 418 Premier League games and was also trusted with penalty kicks but had a poor area conversion rate. Sheringham has only converted 21 of the 31 penalties he has faced in his career.On his Manchester United debut against his former club Tottenham, he even missed a penalty, but his talent for scoring helped Manchester United score two goals in that game.

9. Wayne Rooney – 68%

Rooney was a playmaker and a goal scorer, but he lacked one important skill: taking penalties. With 208 goals, the United player ranks second all-time in Premier League scoring; however, if he had been a more accurate penalty-taker, he would have led the league in scoring.The former Everton player missed a competition-high 11 penalty kicks. The player attempted 34 penalties in the Premier League, missing 23 of them.

8. Christian Benteke – 67% 

Benteke has a say in the penalty; the player was frequently criticised for Liverpool's lack of goals. Additionally, he had poor penalty-taking skills, missing 10 out of his 15 attempts in the top division. In an embarrassing penalty save against Bournemouth in December, he stole the ball from his teammates, disobeyed Roy Hodgson's instructions, and took the last-second penalty, which he ultimately missed, resulting in a 2-2 draw.

7. Riyad Mahrez – 67%

Mahrez, a recent addition to the list, is Manchester City's go-to penalty taker. However, the player has had numerous penalties saved for him, and with Erling Haaland's addition, Mahrez soon won't be taking penalties anymore after his miss against Dortmund. The Algerian has the lowest success rate, with 12 goals from 18 penalty kicks.And the majority of his errors occurred at crucial times. For instance, in the 2-2 draw between City and West Ham, Mahrez had a chance to put City ahead but gave in to pressure.

6. Michael Owen – 67%

The legendary penalty taker for Liverpool and United wasn't always given the opportunity, but when he did, he couldn't make the best of it. In the Premier League, Owen did take 21 penalties, scoring 14 of them. However, he missed 10 out of 23 penalties for Anfield's side.

5. Paul Pogba – 65%

The France midfielder never felt at home at Manchester United, and to add insult to injury worse, Pogba was the worst penalty taker in the Premier League, scoring from the spot just seven times in 11 endeavours before being replaced as the first penalty taker.His silliest miss came against Everton when he took tiny, slow steps toward the ball and eventually slotted it into Pickford's arms.

4. Kevin Philips – 61% 

Despite being a prolific goal scorer who finished his career with 282 goals and won the European Golden Shoe after scoring 30 goals in the 1999–2000 season, Philips had a dismal track record from the penalty spot. Only 11 of the 18 penalties he attempted in the Premier League were successful. Regardless, he converted penalties when it counted, and his storied penalty kick helped Palace defeat Watford to advance to the Premier League.

3. Dwight Yorke – 60% 

The legendary striker for Aston Villa, Man United, Blackburn, Birmingham City, and Sunderland scored 123 goals in the Premier League during his career, but he never had the ability to strike goals from 12 yards out. Dwight Yorke has only converted six of his ten penalties in the top flight.

2. Steed Malbranque – 60%

The player who wore the shirts of Sunderland, Fulham, and Tottenham, Steed Malbranque, may not be well remembered by many fans for his accomplishments on the field. However, the player never felt secure while attempting the penalty because he only converted the kicks six times out of ten times. After his most significant miss, manager Steve Bruce said, "I had doubts because I don't think Steed has scored in two years; it is fair to say he won't be taking anymore."

1. Juan Pablo Angel – 50%

Pablo Angel holds the record of the worst penalty-taker in Premier League heritage. In his six and a half years at Aston Villa, Juan Pablo Angel has only converted five of his ten efforts at penalties. Although he was a proficient striker, he never displayed a sense of hope when taking penalties and continues to hold the record for the worst performance.