Here is the story of how the beautiful sport originated

Football was first played in the 1980s, and since then, it has grown to be the most popular sport, with billions of supporters worldwide. There is no prejudice in football, and players of any gender or ethnicity are welcome to participate.

Although there are still some supporters who discriminate against the sport, as time went on, the authority that presently controls the game took strict action in the past.

England set the rules for the sport’s inception when it did so in 1863 through the Football Association (FA). Since then, a variety of rules have been established by those in power, including VAR, offside, multiple leagues around the world, and competitions to draw in more spectators.

Although there were no regulations and the game could be played anywhere with the ball at the players’ feet. Football existed before England invented it.

And no one could make the claim that they invented this lovely sport except Ebenezer Morley, who is known as the father of the Football Association. Representatives from 12 clubs were at the meeting, which began on October 26, 1863, at the Freemasons’ Tavern on Great Queen Street in London, and the game of football was shortly formalised.

FIFA, which was founded in 1904, now oversees football on a global scale (41 years after the FA). Later on, the FIFA World Cup competition was formed, in which any country could compete but had to meet certain requirements in order to go to the final. The FIFA World Cup is the most viewed sporting event in history.

FIFA and the four British associations jointly run the IFAB (International Football Association Board). Which is referred to as the “guardian” of the Rules of Football (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

And when those who bought clubs succeeded in converting football into a means of making money. Football became a business for them, and the sport has since evolved into a way to earn money for those who now govern the clubs and tournaments.

In order to draw sponsors and viewers, numerous corruptions have occurred, and new leagues and competitions have been established.

But despite this, fans continue to throng stadiums to see their favourite teams and players play one of the most popular and alluring sports on earth.

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