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The perfect Spanish player according to Barcelona star Gavi

Rajarshi Shukla

March 28 2023
The perfect Spanish player according to Barcelona star Gavi

The youngster isn’t afraid of getting into duels and putting his body on the line.

Youngster Gavi has identified the 18-year-old Barcelona senior squad player as his ideal Spanish player. Since making his club debut in 2021, the player has excelled. The teenager is well-known for his aggressiveness and work rate on the pitch. Gavi enjoys pressing the opposition until he gets the ball, and the players listed below, in Gavi’s opinion, are the ideal Spanish player for various key attributes.

Gerrard Pique: Leadership

Under Pep Guardiola’s direction, he returned to Barcelona in 2008, where he helped the team win trophies this season in 2008–09 and 2014–15. There are only four players like him. Despite his brilliance as a young player, some analysts at first criticised him for having a shaky defensive game.

Due to his growth as a player in terms of intellect, leadership, positional awareness, calmness, and anticipation, he was referred to as “the best centre-back in the world.”

Adama Traore: Speed

Traoré’s power and speed, while also sporting quick acceleration and “great tight control to protect the ball from players,” and he is now displaying the calmness to find the game-winning pass.

At a peak speed of 23.48 mph, Traoré was ranked second among the top 10 quickest players in the 2019–20 Premier League season by The Daily Mirror.

Carles Puyol: Defending

One of the greatest commanders and defenders of all time is Puyol. He was mostly a right-back, although he was a flexible player who could also play on either wing, especially towards the beginning of his career.

Puyol, who was referred to as a “no-nonsense” player, was renowned for his dominating presence in the air despite having a small size, his ability to read the game, and his tremendous devotion and toughness as a defender, particularly while vying for the ball.

The perfect Spanish player according to Barcelona star GaviThe perfect Spanish player according to Barcelona star Gavi

Xavi: Intelligence

As a deep-lying playmaker who can discover and take advantage of space, Xavi is regarded as one of the finest midfielders of all time.

He was a small, controlled, nimble, and technically proficient player with a low centre of gravity and thin build, which made up for his lack of speed or bulk. La pelopina, Xavi’s trademark feint when in control of the ball, allows him to move away from the opposition player, maintain possession of the ball, and give himself room and time to plan his next pass.

David Villa: Finishing

Villa is a prolific goal scorer and is recognised by experts as one of the finest Spanish strikers of all time as well as one of the best attackers of his period. Villa is an opportunistic, versatile, and all-around player. He is naturally right-footed[4] but is a precise and potent finisher with either foot owing to his ambidexterity, regardless of the area; he was also an expert at set pieces and penalty kicks.

Villa was a fast, nimble, and dynamic team player with outstanding dribbling technique. He was also renowned for his work ethic, clever offensive movement, and capacity to either open up space for players or make aggressive runs into the area.

Andres Iniesta: Dribbling

Being a small-framed midfielder, Iniesta is known for his passing, technique, vision, and movement. He is also highly respected for his knack for interpreting the play, as well as his acceleration and close control at speed, which, when combined with his low centre of gravity, have made him one of the best dribblers of all time. Despite not being a particularly skilled dribbler, Iniesta can alter course quickly, get past defenders, and make individual runs with the Guardiola, his previous manager, also lauded him for “his grasp of the link between “He understands time and space,” which he uses to his advantage when in possession to confuse opposition players.

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