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Top eight football matches that have never happened

Rajarshi Shukla

March 27 2023
Top eight football matches that have never happened

These clubs are yet to play one another

Thousands of teams from all around the world may participate in the fiercely competitive sport of football. Football teams, both club and national, have faced a lot of opposition over the years. Despite the number of opponents a certain team may have faced, some teams appear to have never encountered every other team. It would be fascinating to examine some notable cases. These football clubs have never played one another before.

8. Atalanta vs Bayern Munich

Nowadays, Atalanta have gained notoriety as one of football’s most well-liked clubs in Europe. They have participated in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League frequently. The most formidable club team in Europe, Bayern Munich, has yet to see action against them. However, Bayern Munich have faced only three Italian sides, Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan so far in any competition.

7. AS Roma vs Schalke 04

In recent years, these two parties have seen divergent fortunes. When they were at their peak, German team Schalke 04 was among the finest in the country. They are unfortunately battling the relegation zone in the German Bundesliga in the current season as a result of their recent fall from grace. Italian team Roma have maintained a good level of consistency, consistently competing in Serie A year after year. While they frequently qualified for and took part in European tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League, the two teams have never met.

6. Hamburg vs Napoli

In the 1980s, Hamburger SV of Germany was a formidable opponent. The past winners of the European Cup were frequent participants in club competitions. Contrarily, Napoli rose to popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Italians have achieved success at home and across Europe thanks to the late Argentine great Diego Maradona. Over the years, the two clubs’ forms have fluctuated. Given that Napoli presently competes at the top level of Italian football and Hamburg now plays in the lower tier of German football, it seems improbable that they will ever break their streak of not playing each other.

5 Leicester City vs Juventus

Leicester City, one of England’s up-and-coming teams, in contrast to Juventus, probably one of the strongest teams in Italy. Because of their improbable Premier League victory in 2016 and FA Cup success in 2021, the Foxes’ profile have increased recently. Leicester haven’t faced the Old Lady despite their recent victories since they haven’t participated in many European club events.

4. AC Milan vs. Villarreal

The Serie A powerhouse AC Milan have competed against some of Europe’s top football clubs, notably those from Spain. The Rossoneri haven’t yet faced Villarreal in a single match, though. The 2021 Europa League champions Villarreal have faced numerous illustrious Italian opponents, but they haven’t yet faced AC Milan.

3. PSG vs Tottenham

Tottenham and PSG have never squared off against one another in a competition. Both teams have frequently competed in European events, but they have never crossed paths. Yet, PSG has played in the Champions League more frequently than Spurs. PSG wants to win the Champions League, while Spurs aim to win a trophy. Spurs last played in the Champions League this season.

2. Benfica vs Manchester City

Despite Benfica‘s recent emergence as a competitive team and Man City‘s frequent participation in European play, the two teams have not yet met. If they make it to the competition’s final, we will get to witness them play each other in the Champions League. Although there is a chance that the two sides can meet in the Champions League this year.

1. PSG vs Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid‘s performance in the Champions League this year has been subpar; they were only ousted in the group stages, whereas PSG were eliminated in the round of 16. Also, they have yet to play one another in a significant club football match despite being in the UCL on regular basis. They also haven’t yet claimed their maiden Champions League title in their history.

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