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Premier League players with highest percentage of their teams’ total touches when on the pitch in 2022-23 season

Rajarshi Shukla

April 29 2023
Premier League players with highest percentage of their teams' total touches

These footballers have been essential in their teams’ build-up play and ball retention

These players create the dynamic of the game by being available for the ball or making room for their teammates to take advantage of openings left by the opposition and score goals. These Premier League players like having control of the ball, and wanting to be a greater participant in the game. We have observed in games how they have participated in the majority of contests and have handled the ball most frequently this year.

Here are the top five Premier League players with the highest percentage of their teams’ total touches in the 2022-23 season:

12.8% – Enzo Fernández

Only 10 games into his senior international career, Fernandez significantly contributed to Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory. Enzo Fernández averages 67 deliveries a game with an 89% pass success rate and 1 assist at the moment, making him the Premier League player with the most advanced passes and contacts per 90 minutes. Fernandez currently leads the league in touches per 90 minutes with 107, more than almost any other player.

12.8% – Serge Aurier

Serge Aurier will succeed as a top midfielder, barring unanticipated occurrences, due to his exceptional athleticism and all-around ability. Based on their own touches throughout the game, Serge Aurier is once again the most important defender. He has had an amazing transformation at Nottingham Forest.

12.9% – Lewis Dunk

Lewis Dunk is Brighton’s captain and a personal friend of the Lewis Dunk averages 87 passes per game, completes 90% of his attempts, and does not have any assists.

In his first season playing for Graham Potter, Hughton’s successor, Dunk has stressed how great he is both with and without the ball. One of the top central defenders in the division, according to certain important criteria, is the 31-year-old indigenous player who has excelled in control.

13.0% – Rodri

The holding midfield position is a specialised one that requires a high degree of game knowledge, technical prowess, and the ability to drop into the defensive line or break upfront regardless of which club you are playing for. Easy straightforward. Rodri averages 89 passes per game, completes them 91% of the time, and has 6 assists.

Rodri is one of the greatest in the industry and plays for Manchester City. Since joining City from Atlético Madrid in 2019, he has been immensely reliable, and the team is benefiting.

13.9% – Kieran Trippier

Kieran Trippier touched a greater amount of the ball than any of his teammates (36 touches) in the games. Ripper always has the most possessions (76) and passes (13) into the box. presently, Trippier has averaged more than 70 touches per 90 minutes for Newcastle United.

Trippier is known for being secure in his ownership and hardly ever gives it up. Having said that, nobody joins Simeone if their defence is anything less than flawless.

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