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Ratings: Parthib Gogoi heroics help NorthEast United conquer Chennaiyin FC

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September 29 2023

The ISL 2023-24 encounter between NorthEast United and Chennaiyin FC witnessed two excellent long-range goals.

NorthEast United emerged triumphant in the Indian Super League after December 2022 and 10 matches as they defeated Chennaiyin FC at their backyard. The scoreline at full-time displayed 3-0 in favour of the Highlanders as they walked off the pitch heads held high.

Parthib Gogoi’s stunner in the 43rd minute, followed by a well-knitted attack converted into goal by Phalguni Singh had already sealed the deal for them. In the 100th minute however, Asheer Akhtar’s long-range goal added more humiliation to Owen Coyle’s Chennaiyin FC.

Here are the player ratings from the game.

NorthEast United (By Atawaris Warsi)

Mirshad Michu: 8

He was quite active throughout the first half as Chennaiyin FC were constantly attacking in the first 45 minutes. Michu showed composure and calmness on the ball throughout. However, he received a yellow card in the 85th minute for time wasting.

Soraisham Dinesh Singh: 7

Dinesh protected his flank strongly, with notable highlights in defence during the first half. He also delivered some crosses and received a yellow card in the second half.

Asheer Akhtar: 8

He was defensively solid and moved the ball calmly around the pitch. Received a yellow card in the second half of the game. Plus, he scored a banger in the dying minutes making the scoreline 3-0.

Míchel Zabaco: 8

He was the key to the Highlanders’ second goal, carrying the ball perfectly and sliding it towards Nestor Albiach. He also displayed magnificent defensive abilities.

Tondonba Singh: 7

Tondonba showed real character in the second half, blocking and intercepting numerous passes. He was also able to shut off Connor Shields.

Mohammed Ali Bemammer: 6.5

Bemammer was frequently dribbled past by Chennaiyin players, but he did manage to block a few shots. He also received a yellow card in the 46th minute.

Romain Philippoteaux: 6

The Highlanders’ captain had limited involvement in the game, as he moved the ball convincingly but. He was substituted in the 73rd minute.

Manvir Singh: 7

He had some memorable moments in the game, and his movements proved vital for the Highlanders. Substituted in the 73rd minute.

Konsam Phalguni Singh: 8.5

Phalguni scored the second goal for NorthEast United with a perfect assist from Nestor. He was highly effective in both aspects of the game, demonstrating excellent offensive prowess by carrying the ball forward and making crucial saves in his own box.

Parthib Gogoi: 9

The best player on the pitch for the Highlanders. Struck a sumptuous dip shot in the 43rd minute, leaving Samik Mitra with no chance. He was excellent throughout the game.

Nestor Albiach: 8

Nestor had a strong connection with Parthib Gogoi and Phalguni, opening up space for his team. He also assisted Phalguni for the second goal. His one-two plays were a delight to watch.


Ibson Melo: 6

Ibson was brought on in place of the captain Romain Philippoteaux. Contributed well to an already won game.

Pragyan Gogoi: 5.5

Pragyan replaced Manvir Singh and brought excellent energy to the game, proving helpful in the remaining time.

Huidrom Thoi Singh: 5

Nothing much to highlight about his game.

Yaser Ahmed: 5

Showed commitment and dedication with the time he was given.

Chennaiyin FC (By Analoy Majumder)

Samik Mitra: 6.5

Samik Mitra put forth a lot of effort and did relatively well, coming to a couple of stops and demonstrating the knowledge to clear the ball without taking any chances. Put up a pair of decent collections but surely could have done better regarding the second goal that he conceded.

Lazar Cirkovic: 7

Lazar made some important blockings in front of goal, produced a few solid interceptions in the defensive line and committed timely tackles and gave the NorthEast United forwards little room to move. But unfortunately, he was not able to continue till the end because of a sudden injury.

Bikash Yumnam: 6.5

Bikash did not come into much attention but made a few good runs with the ball.

Aakash Sangwan: 6.5

Aakash did well in the backline playing alongside Cirkovic and Bikash and demonstrated enormous solidity with positive tackles and important interceptions. 

Cristian Damian Battocchio: 7

Battocchio was a great dynamo in Chennaiyin’s midfield, and irritated NEUFC by preventing them from developing plays in the middle. He exerted great pressure on the players, making five tackles and a handful of interceptions while consistently winning duels and reclaiming possession. But his performance fell flat at the finish and wasn’t up to par. 

Ninthoi Meetei: 6.5

Meetei did well in the wings and tried to build up a good combination between the midfielders and strikers. He gave good assistance to the likes of Crivellaro and Battochio.

Alexander Romario Jesuraj: 7

Jesuraj conceded a yellow card in the first quarter of the match. Made some unwanted tackles but was quite operative in the midfield. Gave both attacking and defensive support to Chennaiyin FC and delivered good command playing alongside Crivellaro, Ayush Adhikari and Farukh Choudhury.

Ayush Adhikari: 6.5

It was disappointing given Ayush’s evident engagement. He once again played sloppily in the last third despite a few intriguing runs and passes. Although he put up a lot of effort and had good touches, the player struggled to make an impact in the final third. 

Farukh Choudhary: 6.5

Farukh Choudhary came very close to the goal quite a lot of times but left to find the back of the net. Did a great job in the wings and also helped his team with positive defensive support. Taken off in the first quarter after half-time.

Rafael Crivellaro: 8

Crivellaro kept the NEUFC defenders busy from the starting. He came close to goal but left to convert. Whenever he had the ball, he tried to create goal-scoring opportunities for Chennaiyin FC. 

Connor Shields: 7

Connor Shields at the start looked dangerous but went down as the match went forward.


Ankit Mukherjee: 5

Ankit Mukherjee was added to the pitch to make overlaps from the flanks and create chances. If Owen Coyle had introduced Ankit sooner, he would have shown to be more deserving. Played as Chennaiyin’s goalie for the last few minutes and conceded a goal just before the end.

Jiteshwor Singh: 7

Owen Coyle brought in Jiteshwor in search of their much needed goal. Not only in attacking scenarios but Jiteshwor also helped Chennaiyin defensively by winning multiple duels against the goal-scorer Konsam Phalguni Singh.

Ryan Edwards: 6.5

Edwards paired well in the middle but ultimately failed to impact the game.

Irfan Yadwad: 6.5

Irfan came in the second half to add more creativity in the game but fell short to leave any positive impact.

Sachu Siby: 6.5

Sachu came in place of Aakash Sangwan to add more pace and fresher legs. However, he did not cause much trouble to the opposition due to his clumsy passing.

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