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Chido Obi-Martin: Profile, playing style, scouting report

November 20 2023
Chido Obi-Martin

A closer look at Chido Obi-Martin’s Football Odyssey

In the vibrant world of football, young talents often emerge from the shadows to captivate the imagination of fans and pundits alike. One such rising star making waves in the footballing landscape is Chido Obi-Martin, a 15-year-old prodigy from the Arsenal youth academy.

His recent phenomenal performance, scoring an astonishing 10 goals in a single U16 match against Liverpool, has catapulted him into the spotlight. In this player profile article, we delve into the intriguing journey of Chido Obi-Martin, exploring his past experiences, playing style, and the unique qualities that set him apart on the pitch.

Who is Chido Obi-Martin?

Chido Obi-Martin is not your typical teenager. Born in 2007 in Glostrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, this Danish wonderkid moved to the UK as a teenager, bringing with him a blend of physical prowess and raw talent. At just 15, Obi-Martin has already left an indelible mark in the footballing world, showcasing his skills not only in youth competitions but also in the upper echelons of Arsenal’s development squads.

The young striker has not limited his ambitions to club football; he has represented Denmark at the U17 level, catching the eye of football enthusiasts and national team selectors alike. Despite having eligibility to represent England and Nigeria due to his heritage, Obi-Martin remains undecided on his international allegiance, adding an intriguing layer to his already captivating narrative.

What are his past experiences like?

Obi-Martin’s journey to the forefront of footballing talent has been nothing short of remarkable. At just 15, he is already a regular for Arsenal’s U18 side, making a UEFA Youth League debut that announced his arrival on a bigger stage. His goal-scoring prowess was further demonstrated in the Premier League 2, where he secured a memorable hat-trick against Southampton earlier this season.

Beyond the youth setup, Obi-Martin has had the honor of training with the Arsenal first team, a testament to the belief that manager Mikel Arteta has in the young striker’s potential. This exposure to top-level football is undoubtedly shaping Obi-Martin’s skills and mindset, preparing him for the challenges that lie ahead in his promising career.

What is Chido Obi-Martin’s playing style like?

Chido Obi-Martin’s playing style is a fusion of physical dominance, agility, and a remarkable goal-scoring instinct. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, he possesses a physique that belies his age, making him a formidable presence on the field. His speed and quickness have been noted by none other than Arsenal legend Ian Wright, who described him as “really quick” despite his towering stature.

One of Obi-Martin’s standout qualities is his ability to create opportunities for himself while remaining adept at sticking to the team’s game plan. His goal-scoring prowess was evident in the 14-3 thrashing of Liverpool’s U16s, where he found the back of the net an incredible 10 times.

However, there is a challenge associated with this hunger for goals, as noted by Denmark U17 Coach Jesper Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen highlighted that Obi-Martin’s focus on scoring goals can sometimes lead to him playing his own game, emphasizing the need for a balance between individual brilliance and teamwork.

Similar Types of Players

While each footballer is unique in their own right, certain characteristics in Chido Obi-Martin’s playing style draw parallels with established players in the footballing world. His blend of physicality, agility, and goal-scoring instinct bears resemblance to some of the game’s iconic strikers.

One player who comes to mind is Zlatan Ibrahimović, known for his imposing physical presence and ability to find the net consistently. Like Obi-Martin, Ibrahimović combines strength with agility, making him a formidable force in the box. Additionally, the young Obi’s dedication to goal-scoring brings to mind the likes of Harry Kane, a striker renowned for his clinical finishing and relentless pursuit of goals.

Chido Obi-Martin’s journey from a promising youth player to a sensation on the rise is a testament to his unique blend of attributes. As he continues to develop under the guidance of Arsenal’s coaching staff and manager Mikel Arteta, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of this young prodigy. Whether he decides to don the colors of Denmark, England, or Nigeria on the international stage, one thing is certain – Chido Obi-Martin has the potential to leave an indelible mark on the beautiful game.

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