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AFCON- Africa Cup of Nations

Top 10 nations with most appearances in AFCON history

Published at :January 22, 2024 at 12:15 AM
Modified at :January 22, 2024 at 1:17 AM
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Ritvik Verma

Unveiling the AFCON’s Elite who always show up on the African grand stage

The history of the AFCON is filled with the legacies of legendary football players, demonstrating the strength of the countries that have frequently participated in the tournament. In addition to showcasing their footballing abilities, their constant presence reflects their nations’ undying desire and determination to represent them on the biggest footballing stage in Africa.

These teams have been crucial to the charm of AFCON, inspiring generations and creating an unbreakable link between football and the hearts of their supporters. Their legacies persist and shape the very essence of what makes AFCON an unmatched spectacle of African football, even as they add more chapters to this footballing drama. Let us take a look at the teams with the most appearances in the tournament.

10. Zambia: 17

Zambia’s 17 involvement at the AFCON shows their continued dedication to the competition. The Copper Bullets have won one tournament on occasion; their most notable victory came in 2012. Even though Zambia doesn’t compete as often as some other countries, its love of football and irregular strong performances are still a part of the tournament’s rich history.

9. Morocco: 18

Morocco have made 18 appearances and is recognised as a team with talented players and sophisticated tactics. Even though they have only won one AFCON, their regular participation in the competition indicates a team that frequently exhibits resiliency and the capacity to fight against the greatest teams on the continent. Their super run at the FIFA World Cup 2022 was widely appreciated by everyone. The Moroccan dedication to perfection and periodic flashes of brilliance define their footballing legacy.

8. Algeria: 19

Algeria’s repeated participation in the AFCON is a testament to their combination of resilience and technical proficiency. The Desert Foxes are known for fielding teams with strong tactical backgrounds and have won two tournament titles. Algeria’s footballing legacy and their capacity to compete against any team on the continent are highlighted by their 19 appearances. Big players like Riyad Mahrez, Benrahma and many others have taken charge to make the name of their country on the big stage.

7. DR Congo: 19

The 19 appearances made by the Democratic Republic of Congo show sporadic footballing brilliance punctuated by times of significance in the competition. They have had remarkable AFCON campaigns despite challenges. The team has won two tournaments and has been constantly displaying moments of brilliance, garnering them recognition in the African football community. The fans have high expectations from the team this year!

6. Nigeria: 19

Nigeria AFCON 2023
Nigeria are the 2013 champions

The Super Eagles of Nigeria possess a rich footballing legacy, highlighted by three AFCON titles. Through their 19 appearances in AFCON, Nigeria have demonstrated a constant degree of competition, frequently displaying a combination of tactical smartness and skilful play. Nigeria, which is well-known for producing players of the highest calibre, represents both its potential and its contribution to global football by participating in AFCON. There are high expectations from their star players like Victor Osimhen, Iheanacho and many more star players of Nigeria.

5. Tunisia: 20

With 20 appearances, Tunisia have demonstrated amazing AFCON consistency. The Eagles of Carthage haven’t won as many championships as other nations, but they have a reputation for playing with talent and discipline. They have four medals in totality, with one gold, two silver and one bronze in their AFCON title bag. Their participation gives the competition a further boost because Tunisia offers teams with a reputation for tactical intelligence and technical acumen.

4. Cameroon: 20

With five tournament wins under their belt, the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have an outstanding AFCON record. Their 20 appearances represent a history of strength and authority. Cameroon are a team that has a rich history in African football and is known for their aggressiveness and tactical skill. They are a constant danger and strong opponents every year.

3. Ghana: 23

Ghana announces 26-man for 2022 FIFA World Cup AFCON
Ghana have not won the competition since 1982

With four AFCON tournaments under their belt, the Black Stars of Ghana have a rich footballing legacy. They have a tradition of stability with 23 appearances, frequently making it to the later stages of the competition.

Ghana’s national team have been a dominant force in the AFCON, producing players who have graced international leagues and kept up a strong presence. They are strong contenders even this edition as they play on their home pitch.

2. Ivory Coast: 24

Ivory Coast AFCON
Ivory Coast last won the competition in 2015

In the AFCON, the Ivory Coast’s Elephants have always been formidable rivals. Despite two championships, their 24 appearances demonstrate a history of turning forth excellent players who have achieved success all over the world. They are a consistent competitor and a team that exemplifies African footballing talent because of their powerful squads and spirit of competition.

1. Egypt: 25

Beyond their massive amount of appearances—seven tournament victories—Egypt have dominated AFCON history in a way never seen before. The Pharaohs, with their illustrious squad and winning record, represent the highest level of African football. Due to their steady play, they are a respected team in African football and are always the favourites. Apart from winning gold medals 7 times, they have been the runners-up and third-placed team 3 times each thanks to some brilliant performances from notable players like Mo Salah.

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